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The Sky Bridge in Langkawi – field report with photos

The Sky Bridge is an observation platform on the island of Langkawi, which belongs to Malaysia. The platform lies in the middle of the island between two mountains curved spanned and is in its form therefore a cable-stayed bridge. However, it does not serve as a traffic route. It is …

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A tour in the Honda Bay of Palawan

The Philippines are the epitome of dream beaches. However, if you land in Puerto Princesa on Palawan, you won’t see too much of them at first. Good that there are boat tours to explore the surrounding islands. Puerto Princesa was the first stop of our Philippines trip. In total, we …

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Costa Rica

A beach to fall in love with – Playa Santa Teresa

Playa Santa Teresa After spending a few days in La Fortuna and exploring the inland nature, as well as getting to know the capital San Jose it was time for us to finally, after almost 6 months, the first time to go to the Pacific . After a relatively long …

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Entry Nepal

Under normal circumstances, entering Nepal is not a major problem. Applying for a visa is straightforward for Europeans and there are several ways to obtain …

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Street Art Tour in Penang Georgetown

Georgetown is famous für its colorful murals. Here is how to visit them and what to expect.

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Bukit Melawati – The Fort of the Nice Monkeys

The Bukit Melawati is a mountain in Kuala Selangor in Malaysia. At the top of the mountain is the Kota Melawati Fort. Visible from the …

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Dharma Realm Guan Yin Sagely Monastery – Dining at a Buddhist Temple in Kuala Lumpur

You are looking for unusual food experiences in Kuala Lumpur that are at the same time cheap, vegan and delicious? Why not eat in a monastery?

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From Peru to Bolivia: A border crossing by bus at the Kasani crossing point

How is the border crossing between Peru and Bolivia? We did it by bus, and it was quite an adventure.

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Discover the world

Bioluminescence worldwide – Where nature glows

Glistening Water, Glowing animals in the woods and the water? Fungi in submarines? We tell you were to find bioluminescent life.

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Hello and welcome to our world travel blog

Come along and join us on our travel blog, or get inspired by our travel stories for your next travels. Find out which places on earth are so beautiful that you should definitely visit them. We have been traveling the world as backpackers and digital nomads since fall 2018 and have experienced a lot along the way. We keep our experiences and adventures as travelogues on this blog.

Due to the current Corona or COVID-19 situation, we had to pause our world trip.

A world trip has its highlights but also its downsides and we share them with you. We tell you the craziest stories and share our experiences with you.

On our Instagram travel blog you can find the most beautiful pictures of our world trip and in our Youtube travel blog – VLOG you can discover all the destinations together with us. Because we have made it our goal to show you on our world travel blogs honestly and authentically and with lots of photos and videos, what awaits you in the big wide world.

And if reading and watching is not enough for you, you will find everything you need to plan your own world trip on our blog.

On our world travel blog we want to give you all the information and travel tips for your own travel planning and life on the road outside of Germany. And because one of us is always writing an article, a new topic is added almost every day.

On our world travel blog we want to give you all the information and travel tips for your own travel planning and life on the road outside of Germany. And because one of us is always writing an article, a new topic is added almost every day.

On this blog you will find a wide range of topics from packing lists to information about individual countries, answers to questions about money, insurance, jobs as well as authentic reports about backpacking in general. We will help you plan and prepare your trip around the world, even before you quit your job and say goodbye to Germany. A trip around the world starts long before you arrive in a foreign country. With detailed experience reports we also support you in finding the right route for your world trip. Learn the most important tricks, how to get through the flights and the journey in general in the most relaxed way, how to pass borders without stress and how to arrive well in the respective countries.

With us you can also estimate in advance what costs and budget you need to calculate for your world trip or long-distance travel.

Furthermore, we will give you useful tips on how you can create your own travel blog.

Whether you want to realize your dream of traveling the world, are looking for inspiration for an exciting trip off the beaten path, want to explore the world from home or just need a little time out far away from everyday life – join us on our world travel blog and check out our reports. And if you have any questions or tips for our world trip, feel free to write us on Instagram or by e-mail!

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