Earn money as digital nomads – remote jobs and platforms for location-independent jobs

Who doesn’t dream ofworking under palm trees and being location-independent? Who doesn’t dream of being able to flexibly decide which job to take? Who doesn’t dream of working for big companies from anywhere in the world? The idea of escaping the hamster wheel and starting a life as a digital nomad probably floats in the minds of many people, but very few don’t dare to make such an exit from the comfort zone. 

There are often many questions and but also fears that one would like to clarify, of course, to understand the disadvantages and advantages of digital nomadism and, of course, to get some security. Of course, you can also ask your boss once, whether an employment abroad as a remote worker would be possible, however, most entrepreneurs will reject this request, because some tax issues are to organize, which of course can also negatively affect the balance sheet of a company.Another obstacle is often the data security and data protection. What happens if the company laptop is stolen abroad? What happens if wi-fi in the hotel was not secure? There are answers to this but most traditional employers wave off here to get around such problems early on.

This is why you should think carefully beforehand about what a business plan for a life as a digital nomad might look like. Should one start a business? Should one pursue one’s old profession? Self-determined work also requires a certain vocation or a focused goal. Often it’s not that easy to live acompletely self-determined life in a beautiful part of the world. The urge to sit on the beach and have a nice cold drink on the beach with some cool vacationers, for example, is just too tempting for many people.As a digital nomad and remote worker, you certainly have to stand firm here if you want to build a free life for yourself.

How can you attract clients as a digital nomad?

To secure you a regular income it is of course necessary to get customers. However, this is probably the biggest challenge in the life of a digital nomad. To get a job as a remote worker requires of course a decent leap of faith from the employer. Unfortunately, many people still can’t imagine thatyou can do high-quality work from abroad. Therefore, good contacts and a positive reputation are essential when considering traveling around the world as a digital nomad.  

Corona has of course turned the situation once again very much in the favor of us Digital Nomads. Working from home has now become the norm; before Corona, this was unimaginable for many companies

In addition to the traditional services you sell as a remote worker, there is of course a market for digital products. But even if you sell courses, software, apps, e-books or similar, you should of course consider how to attract new customers for the product. Here, online marketing is probably the right step to get the products sold. So you should also bring good basic knowledge, so that you have no expenses for the management of online marketing channels.

What online platforms are there to find micro jobs and clients?

Meanwhile, there is an almost infinite number of micro job platforms and websites to find clients for small or medium projects. Of course, these smaller projects can turn into bigger projects if you do a good job. Therefore, you should not underestimate such micro job platforms. Besides the micro job platforms, there are also websites and one or the other platform that offer remote job opportunities directly. Many of the offers are in English, but as a digital nomad you should be able to speak and write good English anyway. On these job platforms you can find countless fields from different professions. From Virtual Assistants to Erotic Web Workers, there really is everything here. 

In the following list you will find the most important platforms to earn money abroad as a remote worker.

Where to find jobs as a digital nomad?

Company Relevant for Domain Information Suitable for
100 Partnerprogramme Information about Affiliate Programs https://www.100partnerprogramme.de/On the website of 100partnerprogramme you can find all active affiliate marketing programs that you can participate in as a blogger or website owner. The site is very helpful to identify good partnerships for your traffic. Affiliate marketer, blogger
99designs.de Design Projects https://99designs.de/99designs is especially suitable for creative designers. Here you can participate in different projects and tenders and thus gain new customers. Designer
ADCELL Affiliate Network https://www.adcell.de/Adcell is not a premium network like AWIN but offers good opportunities for some niches to monetize the traffic on the website. Affiliate Marketing Operator, Blogger
amazon Partnernetwork Affiliate Network https://partnernet.amazon.de/The amazon partnerwork offers all bloggers and site owners countless opportunities to earn money on sales. Affiliate Marketing Operator, Blogger
AWIN Affiliate Network https://www.awin.com/deAWIN was created by the merger of zanox and affilinet. The selection of good affiliate programs for the European and international area is probably best at AWIN. Affiliate Marketing Operator, Blogger
CJ Affiliate Affiliate Network https://www.cj.com/de/CJ is next to AWIN one of the most important networks for publishers and affiliates internationally. Affiliate Marketing Operators, Bloggers
Clickworker Content Projects https://www.clickworker.de/Clickworker is next to Textbroker also a very good address for editors and content creators to find buyers for written words. Editors, Content Creators
content.de Content Projects https://www.content.de/This platform is not so big in the area of content creation, but there are also great projects here that can provide for one or the other euro. Editors, Content Creators
crowdspring Design Projects https://www.crowdspring.com/As a designer you want to find great tasks in the field of branding and CI development. Then crowdspring is definitely the right place for you. Designer
DesignCrowd Design Projects https://www.designcrowd.comWhether t-shirt design, logo or website at DesignCrowd there are a variety of opportunities for you to earn good money as a designer. Designer
DNXJobs Job board for remote jobs https://www.dnxjobs.de/On DNXJobs you can find a variety of different remote jobs that are also suitable for digital nomads. Digital Nomads
fiverr Gigs, Projects https://www.fiverr.com/fiverr is probably the best known microjob or gig platform. In recent years, the platform enjoys growing popularity. fiverr offers services from every segment. In the meantime, the fiverr Pro division is also being expanded, where high-priced services can be offered. Freelancers, Digital Nomads
freelance.de Gigs, Projects https://www.freelance.de/The platform has become especially important in German-speaking countries. Here you can find exciting projects with a great volume. Freelancers, Digital Nomads
freelancer Gigs, Projects https://www.freelancer.com/At Freelancer there are various tenders on which you can bid. Here you can filter by languages and services and find the right tenders for you. Freelancer, Digital Nomaden
freelancermap Gigs, Projects https://www.freelancermap.com/A platform where freelancers and remote workers with different projects meet. The platform is especially suitable for developers and data architects. Freelancer, Digital Nomaden
FreeUp Gigs, Projects https://freeup.net/At Freeup you have to go through a rather complex approval process, but the process is also worthwhile. After you are approved, you have countless opportunities to find a great remote job. Freelancer, Digital Nomaden
Getremote Job board for remote jobs https://getremote.de/jobs/Getremote is still a relatively small job platform, but you should watch the offers here because sometimes really great remote jobs are advertised. Digital Nomaden
guru Gigs, Projects https://www.guru.com/guru is a marketplace for freelancers and clients from all over the world. Similar to upwork, you should have good references and qualifications to stand out from the crowd. Freelancer, Digital Nomaden
Jobspresso Job board for remote jobs https://jobspresso.co/Jobspresso is a great platform to find great jobs. The platform is really designed for remote workers and leaves nothing to be desired. Here you can also find jobs beyond the 100k income per year. Freelancer, Digital Nomaden
JustRemote Job board for remote jobs https://justremote.co/Besides remote jobs, you can even find entire remote companies and companies that are looking for digital nomads for their remote jobs on JustRemote. Digital Nomaden
LinkedIn B2B Social Network https://www.linkedin.com/LinkedIn has become an integral part of the B2B world since Microsoft bought it. Here you can find former business contacts and also great contacts to get a new Digital Nomad job. Freelancer, Digital Nomaden
my-vpa Virtual assistance https://www.my-vpa.com/You want to work as a Virtual Assistance? No problem with my-vpa and the necessary computer know-how, a good internet connection and nothing stands in the way of your career as a Virtual Assistance. Virtual Assistenz
NewWorkLife Job board for remote jobs https://new-work-life.com/New Work Life is a job portal where a variety of exciting remote jobs are advertised. Digital Nomaden
Outsourcely Gigs, Projects https://www.outsourcely.com/At Outsourcely you can find a wide variety of job postings and searches for digital nomads. From Virutal Assistant to Amazon PCC Manager, you can really find everything here. Freelancer, Digital Nomaden
peopleperhour Gigs, Projects https://www.peopleperhour.com/peopleperhour reminds us a lot of fiverr. The categories are very similar and there is certainly a job or two to be won here. Freelancer, Digital Nomaden
projektwerk Gigs, Projects https://www.projektwerk.comProjektwerk is a great platform for German remote workers. There are various packages and memberships (some of which are paid) to participate in tenders. Freelancer, Digital Nomaden
Textbroker Content Projects https://www.textbroker.de/Textbroker is probably one of the largest platforms in the field of project-related content creation. Here you have the possibility to deliver content for a given price. Editors, Content Creators
Toptotal Gigs, Projects https://www.toptal.com/Toptotal is probably one of the most exclusive freelancer networks. Toptotal advertises that only the top 3% of freelancers are accepted. Therefore, good references, reputation and know-how are probably the be-all and end-all. Freelancers, Digital Nomads
Tradedoubler Affiliate Network https://www.tradedoubler.com/de/Tradedoubler is an affiliate network that offers good programs especially in the European area. Affiliate Marketers, Bloggers
Truelancer Gigs, Projects https://www.truelancer.com/At Truelancer there are different projects - here you can find jobs in the area of SAP but also as a trainer. Freelancers, Digital Nomads
twago Micro Tenders, Projects https://www.twago.de/Twago is a great platform for tenders, gigs and larger projects. Here clients are looking for freelancers and remote workers who provide high quality work. Freelancers, Digital Nomads
upwork Gigs, Projects https://www.upwork.com/upwork is probably, next to fiverr, the platform that has steadily gained popularity in recent years. However, it is relatively difficult to be accepted on upwork. Qualifications and references are essential during the application process. Freelancer, Digital Nomads
Witmart.com Gigs, Projects https://www.witmart.com/Witmart is a platform that is enjoying great success, especially in China. But also here it is worth to have a look if a Chinese company wants to expand to Germany and maybe is looking for German language know how in your field. Freelancer, Digital Nomads
WorkGenius Content Projects https://www.workgenius.com/WorkGenius is a great platform to be selected based on your skills. Here you can find great jobs as a remote worker and digital nomad. Freelancer, Digital Nomads
Working Nomads Job board for remote jobs https://www.workingnomads.co/jobsWorking Nomads offers a variety of different English remote jobs. Here you can find jobs from all areas. Digital Nomads
WorknSurf Job board for remote jobs https://www.worknsurf.de/jobsWorknSurf is at first a relatively unfiltered platform where many jobs are advertised that are probably totally irrelevant for digital nomads. Nevertheless, you should check out the platform to see if there is the right job for you. Digital Nomads
XING B2B Social Network https://www.xing.com/If you are a freelancer and digital nomad looking for clients in German-speaking countries, you should definitely be active on XING. Here you can find a variety of projects and entrepreneurs who are always looking for competent employees. Freelancer, Digital Nomads

Which jobs lend themselves to digital nomadism?

Basically you can say that it doesn’t really matter which job you had before or which studies you have completed. There are now a variety of different jobs that you can master with more or less experience. In our opinion, you just need to bring a certain passion and the will to educate yourself in specific topics. There are platforms like Udemy that offer a huge selection of good continuing education courses. 


For Markeeters, entering the Digital Nomad world is probably the easiest. Social Media Marketing, PPC, SEO, Digital Strategy, Content Marketing, Digital Analytics & Data are areas that are always in demand at the moment. Those who have a good expertise and many years of professional experience in these areas will find it very easy to succeed as a Remote Worker.

Virtual Assistance

Are you good at managing projects or project management? You have good and professional communication? You know how to use Word, Excel, Google Docs and Skype? Then you should take a closer look at the Virtual Assistance job. Here you do not need expertise in specific areas – here it is only important that communication, language and basic know-how is available.

Trainer / Coach

Admittedly, we are not a big friend of coaches and trainers, at the latest if you have ever been active in LinkedIn, you know how these coaches get on your nerves. However, it is still a good way to make money. Here, however, you should have a deep expertise in a particular area to be able to impart real knowledge. Many of the programs usually only scratch the surface – so a please to trainers and coaches, if coaching then already properly. 


Who has good selling can work as a business development manager or also as a sales manager also from outside. Here it is only important that you are also in the same time zone as the customers. 


One profession created for remote working, is arguably the developer. No matter if you are a software, cloud, app or webpage developer, good people are always wanted in this field. Due to the mostly decentralized structures at companies with development via ASANA; Slack, Gitlab & Co. Is a digital nomad in the team no problem.


It’s relatively easy for editors to work from the road to any location. One only needs a laptop with Microsoft Word or another program,which is suitable for writing texts. No matter if one works as a translator or as a ghost writer – good speech writers or good content are always in demand.


Another job that can happen super under the palm trees is the job of designer. A good laptop, the right software and an interline are enough for the designer to do his job to create great designs.

How do you market yourself as a digital nomad?

Marketing yourself is probably one of the most important tasks of a digital nomad. After all, the new customer pipeline wants to be well filled. There are several approaches here that lead to success. As already mentioned, the network and the reputation is an important factor to fill the new customer pipeline well but also a blog or an own business website can help to acquire new customers. However, you should make sure that the own business blog also has an added value for the target audience and that this can also sell your services. Therefore, your task as a blogger and remote worker is to write and create various articles that exactly this key message coupled with added value to your readers herantragen.

Whoever creates a website with important information about his own service should make sure that it is well maintained and also up to date because no one wants to read outdated topics that are already long outdated.

The website can then be used as a marketing tool and brought closer to the target audience on different portals or with online marketing.

Paying taxes as a digital nomad?

In fact, paying taxes as a digital nomad is a strange gray area. There are many ways to avoid taxes in Germany as a freelancer, but there are also a lot of pitfalls that you should take into account to avoid tax evasion.Unfortunately, it is also not particularly easy to find a tax advisor who can give good instructions here, because simply very many issues also have to do with international law.

It depends here strongly on which country you work in and which location-independent activities you pursue. Therefore, you should definitely consider beforehand what you need to be an international freelancer to have long-term success even with authorities. 

We cover the topic of taxes and constructs as a digital nomad in the following article.

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