Dubai – adventures and experiences on the edge of the desert

It is a land where the sun has its living room. Where there is the sand and beaches in abundance and where only one thing remains for visitors from all over the world: breathless amazement! & Nbsp;

Some time ago, the historic Bur Dubai and the youthfully fresh Deira merged into a metropolis in the desert on the Persian Gulf. In the meantime, the giants made of reinforced concrete and glass in Dubai have towered over the slender minarets by a long way and they are degraded to relics from a distant time. & Nbsp;

For guests, Dubai is synonymous with a vacation in Utopia, because there is no lack of variety. There would be the chance to take part in an adventurous desert safari or you could rent a yacht in the marina. For some, a tour to the city’s gastronomic temples is on the program – for example as part of a romantic Dhow cruise in Dubai. The world-famous falconers of Dubai can be looked over their shoulders, and in a camel race the onlookers get very close to the Arab soul

A vacation in Dubai fulfills the dreams of every connoisseur, because this cosmopolitan city is excitingly beautiful. And it is surrounded by a fascinating landscape, which one thinks here is the hand of the time in the Nature stopped at some point. & Nbsp;

Desert safari in Dubai

A desert safari in Dubai is like a motorized walk through centuries past for all participants, because the dunes were and are the home of the Emirati Arabs. Their impressive culture is reflected in the Bedouin camps . As part of an organized trip just outside Dubai, guests in the Lehbab Desert can look forward to adventurous trips through the sandy giants. But also to the dances in the Bedouin tents and to a traditional buffet. The Emirati are a heterogeneous society and unique in the Arab world. The refuge of these traditional tribes begins where all the paved roads end at the border of the dream city. & Nbsp;

Explore Dubai by water

If you have knocked the sand out of your shoes and would like to marvel at the breathtaking backdrop of Dubai from a different perspective, you can rent a yacht in Dubai and enjoy the spectacular view of the largest artificial island in the world . The gentle calm of the sea and the mild breeze that almost always prevails in these latitudes are the pleasant companions and alternatives to the hustle and bustle of this metropolis. The fleet of the provider Al Wasl Yachts is extensive. Interested parties are spoiled for choice between a sport fishing boat with bedroom, salon, kitchen and toilet and various luxury yachts that can accommodate up to 70 people. A party on board against the backdrop of the sheikdom – this view makes every tourist’s heart beat faster.

Is a dhow cruise worthwhile in Dubai?

The whole range of authentic Arabic cuisine can be explored in the Emirates with a dinner as part of a dhow cruise in Dubai. For some visitors this is one of the highlights of a vacation in Dubai. During a trip through the Dubai Canal, the traditional wooden boat becomes a fascinating gourmet temple for the guests. Passengers are spoiled with culinary delights for two hours. With classics such as samak, a fish that is served with a spiced rice. Or with a poached Arabian lobster with aromatic pilaf rice and a fennel salad. The evening on a dhow is an experience for body and soul, while the unique backdrop of Dubai rushes past the windows of the floating restaurant as a nightly glittering world.

A national sport: the camel race

But what would a vacation in Dubai be without taking part in a camel race? This is a sport that suits the Bedouins . The riders and their four-legged companions are not deterred by a sandstorm, which sometimes obstructs the view on the “Camel Race Track”. The racing camels are cherished and looked after, because there are already a few million dirhams on the market for these stars of the desert . If you want to watch the races, you should get up early, because they take place after sunrise at around 7.30 a.m. A tour to the camel race in the desert sand takes around three hours. These events are very important to the Emirates. They are part of the Arab culture and they are a typical oriental spectacle.


While the racing camels are highly valued, in Dubai they are only surpassed by the hawks. The majestic birds are falconers’ best friends and an integral part of desert life. It is said of the falcons that they have a wild heart that strives for freedom. That is why it takes a long time for a falconer to tame these animals and for them to get used to the voice and the commands of their master. In Dubai, one of the most unusual experiences is visiting and experiencing a falconry, when the kings of the air spread their wings and let the thermals of the winds propel them to the highest heights. The people in the Emirates, the falcons are seen as a gift from heaven and arguably the epitome of their personal well-being. At the show in the falconry of the desert resort “Bab al Shams”, guests are invited to launch one of these fascinating birds from their own arm.

Is it worth a trip to Dubai?

Dubai is a region Walt Disney would probably have been delighted about. Because that’s where the desert actually lives. On a gigantic patch of sand the emirate built a kind of wonderland and a stone fairy tale of superlatives. Where a hotel billows out like an oversized sailing ship, one should not miss taking a vacation in Dubai on a tour to the realized dreams and fantasies of the best architects in the world. For example, the Burj Ar Arab Jumeirah with its impressive height of 321 meters and a 10,000 square meter sun deck. Those who can afford to stay here will receive an iPad for the duration of their stay, which is coated with 24 carat gold. This is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. No doubt: the fascinating overnight accommodations in the emirate are the figureheads of a metropolis in which glamor and money come together naturally.

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