Our ultimate tips for a vacation at home

Holiday at home, doesn’t have to be boring

Corona lockdown, travelers forced into quarantine, paid Corona testing, closed outdoor pools, canceled major events, crowded recreation areas. And it does not get more negative today. Because we’ve been in a bad mood long enough. If we’re going to stay at home, let’s do it right. So without further ado, here are our top tips for vacationing at home. Turn off the news, throw away the newspaper. And off on vacation. 


On vacation, you see something of nature. You move in the fresh air and see the beautiful landscapes. At home, you often can’t bring yourself to do that. There are beautiful hiking trails in all regions of Germany, if you only know them. For that, it’s best to check out the tourist information office in your hometown. Many also have hiking maps online. You will be surprised what your region has to offer. Or you just walk on it and see how far you get and where you come out. The advantage at home is that you can usually quickly find someone willing to pick you up by car in the evening. 

For those who find simple hiking too boring, you can of course set yourself extra challenges.


A few years ago, geocaching experienced a lot of hype. Geocaching is a kind of scavenger hunt. Many of the geocaches still exist. In geocaching, small containers are hidden. These can only be found if you solve the associated riddles that other players have put. Many are very tricky. Some cashs are connected with nice and also longer hikes. You can find all caches best in the Geocaching App. 

Photo Tours 

Friends of photography can often get their money’s worth in close proximity to home already. Especially in the morning hours and evening hours often great light conditions for landscape photography present themselves. Thereby everything from the small flower to the wide view can have later poster potential. Or you can pack up friends and relatives and do a photo shoot with anything the imagination can come up with. Always wanted those perfect Instagram photos, with great outfit, great view and that perfect light? Then lease your gear in the car or backpack and let’s go. Unlike traveling, being close to your home base has the distinct advantage of allowing you to use stuff you’d rather not lug around on vacation.

Watching animals

People are rather not your thing? Then try your hand at wildlife watching. Especially near small bodies of water, you’re often lucky to see shy deer, brown hares, birds or even foxes. The best time for this is dusk. It is important that you are quiet. It can also be helpful to sit against the wind, that is, on the side of the open space where the wind is blowing, not where the wind is coming from. Take a good book, camera, binoculars and provisions and have a leisurely day in the countryside. This is often more of a vacation for the soul than a turbulent trip overseas. If that’s not enough for you, you can often find guided nature tours offered by local animal protection associations, where you can learn a lot about the local animal world and discover many an animal that you would have missed on your own. How would it be then for example with a guidance by a moor, or with a star guidance with the explanation of the constellations of your local observatory. 

Collect garbage

I still haven’t met your taste. How about something a little offbeat, then? Why don’t you use your Corona vacation to collect garbage! Especially in a group, it’s really fun. It’s like a scavenger hunt, but at the same time you’re doing something good for the environment, you can brag about it on social media and to your friends, and you can be a little proud of yourself. At the same time, you get to know your surroundings better and do sports in the fresh air. A win, win, win so to speak. By the way, you can find more interesting facts about collecting trash, all the tips, tricks and safety information on this page. 

City tours

I have a confession to make, I’ve never done a city tour in your city that I’ve actually lived in before. However, I have done a few city tours in my life and have lived in a few places. Now is the best time to change something about that. 

The easiest way, of course, is to go through your city’s tourism office and see what they offer. Many cities have an amazing variety of offerings for city tours. From night watchman tours, tours of catacombs, to tours that visit the scenes of historical crimes, there’s something there for everyone – and even for the historically less interested. Some offer Such tours through sewage treatment plants and waste incinerators and that is actually very interesting.

The simpler option, which also works when tours in groups are no longer possible, is to grab the Wikipedia entry of your hometown and go to important places yourself and read the corresponding articles. Often there is also a historical society that can give you all sorts of exciting information, or that has members who are happy for someone to take an interest in their work. 

And when you’re done with your hometown, take a look at the towns around it. There may lie dormant many a pearl with old buildings and historical significance. 


I would normally be the first to skip this paragraph. Yet sports can do significantly more than just panting through lap after lap of the nearest park. The beauty of a vacation is usually trying new things. You can do that at home, too. I’m not talking about jogging and gym, but bouldering, slacklining, rowing, stand up paddling, badminton, archery, pole dancing, self-defense courses and Co. 

For many of these sports, you can buy equipment online very cheaply. For others, you can visit a club for a taster session, or the local gym. Some things, of course, are restricted by hygiene requirements. Others, however, can be done easily even during a lockdown. 

Removing an apartment

2019 was the year of Marie Kondo. If you spruced up your apartment back then, you can take stock now. Who has not yet done it, which has now the perfect chance once be closet, the cutlery drawer and the files in the office clean out. But that’s not all. A short vacation often costs several thousand euros. If you invest this money in interior design, then the apartment is quickly a completely different. As a little motivation, I recommend watching shows about interior design, as they can be found by the dozens on the various streaming platforms. 

Become a restaurant tester

Another thing you do regularly on vacation, but can hardly bring yourself to do at home, is eating out regularly. If you however the money for flight and hotel in the domestic restaurants invests, then you are not only some time very well supplied and can you the vacation bacon also at home anressen, no you become acquainted with also new restaurants in your proximity. Often you have a rut, with restaurants that you visit again and again. New restaurants don’t get a chance at all. Unless you give it to them now. 

Or actually approach the whole thing strategically. Check out a mapping service (like Google Maps) to see what cafes, restaurants, and snack bars are in your area and visit them all strictly in order. If you want to take it to the extreme, become a Google Local Guide and document your visit online: How was the food, is there a handicapped accessible entrance, is there vegetarian food, can you pay with a card? In this way, you not only get to know your local economy yourself, but also help future visitors to your city to find their way around better. 

Becoming artistically active

You secretly like to watch Bob Ross and always watch the videos on Facebook in which furniture is made of epoxy resin? Then perhaps you also have an artistic streak. What great things could you create if you took a week off? Pottery, Fimo, plaster, epoxy resin, wood, paper, acrylic paint, fabric, wool – many materials can be easily processed at home. Whether it becomes a piece of furniture, a mural, an insect hotel, a piece of clothing or jewelry, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that you can really let off steam in your creativity. The Internet is full of DIY instructions and really a lot of them can be easily implemented at home. 

And if you feel uncomfortable without instructions, then visit the range of creative and artists in your city. Painting, glass working, pottery, blacksmithing – you can easily learn all this today and the internet is full of offers. 

Make a wellness day

Just get away from it all. When was the last time you did an all around pampering program for yourself? Face mask, manicure, pedicure, full bath, hair treatment, body scrub, champagne breakfast, hair mask, room scent, favorite movie, ice cream sundae – Whatever makes you feel good, do it again sometime. Invite your best buddy, or throw for a day once your roommate from the apartment and then pamper yourself and let the soul dangle. This is your vacation, you really deserve it.

Conclusion: Many things that are fun on vacation, you could also do at home, if you would only once manage to get out of the rut. Many exciting offers and undertakings can be found easily online, or if you contact local clubs and institutions. You just have to take the time for it once. But what speaks against it to prepare the vacation on balcony just like vacation abroad. A few days without doing laundry and household chores, has so far survived every household. You can unplug the phone and cancel everything among your acquaintances. And if you invest your vacation budget – even though you don’t have to pay for travel or accommodation – you suddenly have an amazingly large budget for a great time. So let everyday life be everyday life for a change and take some time off for the best vacation you’ve ever had at home. 

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