The North Sea: recreation and nature vacation close by!

There is much to discover at the North Sea!

There is so much to see on a round trip through the stunning nature, dream beaches and cultural highlights of the Danish North Sea coast. Discover small islands, white sandy beaches and vast landscapes. Whether you want to hang out on the beach or be active in sports: The North Sea is just right for you!

Watt? So Whatt…

The Danish Wadden Sea is one of the most spectacular parts of the North Sea coast. Between Esbjerg and the German border, three small but beautiful islands await you with a great sporting and cultural offer. Visit the island Rømø with its long sandy beach. By car you can even drive directly to the beach. So you can easily get to your lounger at the water. From here you can watch the numerous seals on the sandbanks and countless mudflats and migratory birds. If you want to be active, you can try beach sailing and kitebuggy riding on the long beach. Experienced instructors will be happy to help you with the first steps in your new hobby. The island is also a great place for horseback riding and golfing.

Also culturally Rømø has so much to offer. Every year in June, the jazz festival Rømø Jazz takes place here. On the first weekend in September, the sky is full of colorful kites from all over the world. Don’t miss this unique spectacle! On the neighboring island of Fanø is the famous Fanø Art Museum with its collection of artwork by Danish artists.

Active vacation at the North Sea: pure sports!

Do you love to be active on vacation and really give power? Then the North Sea is the right place for you! From the tip of Jutland to the German border, you can ride over 800 kilometers on the international “North Sea Coast Route” always along or on the dike. From the bike on the dike you have a wonderful view of the sea. At the end of each day’s stage you can stop at a holiday home by the North Sea or other accommodation option. Between the towns of Blokhus and Løkken, part of the cycle route even runs directly along a beach. Take your time and discover the typical Danish coziness from your bike.

Those who like water sports will litmøller love it. This small town in northwest Jutland is known for its exceptional waves. For many years, wind and kite surfers have come here to find the perfect wave. Why not try a whole new hobby and learn to surf really well in Klitmøller?

Caribbean feeling at the North Sea

The entire Danish North Sea coast is lined with long beaches of white, fine sand. Many beaches go shallow into the sea, making them good for families. Here are a few highlights of the North Sea:

  • On the beach of Søndervig the international sand sculpture festival takes place every year. International artists create impressive sculptures in a few weeks only from sand and water. Each year the festival has a different theme. For example, in 2020 the artists will take you to the Middle Ages. Between castles, peasant uprisings and the plague, you can really immerse yourself in the Middle Ages. Watch the artists at work and experience a whole new kind of art.
  • The Spit Holmsland Klit between the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord is a real highlight for nature lovers. Ringkøbing Fjord invites you with its calm, clear water for boating and swimming. Do you want to be a bit more active during your vacation? Then angle on the nearby river Skjern Å and go canoeing on it. By the way, the town of Hvide Sande is the largest fishing port on Denmark’s North Sea coast. Freshly caught fish is sold at the harbor every morning. Why not get up early and watch the hustle and bustle at the harbor? A fresh fish tastes especially delicious at home or in one of the restaurants at the harbor.

Nature on Denmark’s North Coast

After a few days of adventure vacation full of action on the beaches, a visit to the wild nature of Denmark’s North Sea coast is worthwhile. You’ll be especially thrilled by National Park Thy around the village of Klitmøller. In lonely, natural forests, wild dunes and heaths you can really come to rest and leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind you. Watch deer and otters from the well-kept paths in the park. Look up at the sky and you’ll see cranes and many other species of birds.

Also the Kallesmærsk Hede near Vejers Strand is absolutely worthwhile. Here, too, the expansive dunes and blue skies are inspiring. Walk through the dune forests and replenish your batteries. Nearby is the cultural highlight of the Tirpitz position, bunkers from World War II. Many of them are still preserved in their original condition and allow a glimpse into historic times.

No matter what you want to do: Denmark’s North Sea coast is the perfect place for nature lovers, beach fans and active vacationers. By the way, in the small towns it is also perfect to work from home. Why not plan your next work and vacation stop in Denmark now?

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