Top 10 most luxurious destinations in the world

The 10 best luxury travel destinations 

Who wouldn’t want to indulge in luxury once in a while – at least on vacation? These ten destinations 
promise exclusivity, as they are not for everyone. A somewhat bulging wallet should be available to spend the vacation here: .

1. Singapore

The Southeast Asian country with the same-named capital has only 4 million inhabitants, but is an important financial center. The climate there is tropical and the beaches picturesque. Those who land at the airport can already marvel at the visible luxury there. Because not only a beauty center and a sunflower garden can be found at the airport, but even a swimming pool. The country has many magnificent buildings with modern architecture. The most important shopping mile is Orchard, where boutiques of famous designers sell their luxury goods and more than 30 shopping malls invite you to stroll around. Vacationers should also have Louis Vuitton Island, which has a museum and lounge, on their itinerary. 

2. Las Vegas

Las Vegas in the U.S. state of Nevada is the city of money for its casinos alone. Also the world’s most expensive suite can be found there for $100,000 a night. In the sites of gambling, seemingly anything is possible. In addition, the service orientation in Las Vegas is so high that every vacationer feels like a millionaire. The sights also exude luxury. On the 6.5-kilometer boulevard called the Strip are the Bellagio Fountains (a kind of water organ), which are a huge spectacle with their jets and spotlights dancing to music. The fountains, by the way, are part of a hotel. Many other accommodations in Las Vegas offer guests something just as extraordinary. For example, at the Caesars Palace hotel, there is a large shopping mall under an artificial sky that is constantly changing in a realistic way. 

3. Bahamas

The Bahamas are a full 700 islands,of which only a few are inhabited. The main island is called New Providence and has equally beautiful sandy beaches. Paradise Island is also worth a visit. There is, for example, the world’s largest marine aquarium and the casino from a James Bond film. On Exumas, in addition to the fine sand, there are the famous swimming pigs of Major Cay. Many hotels are designed for demanding vacationers and offer the greatest comfort. But already the extraordinary beaches give on the Bahamas a particularly exclusive feeling. 

4. Dubai

The Arab city of Dubai is known for its skyscrapers and other luxurious structures. The shopping malls are already landmarks in themselves. Marble and other expensive materials have been used here and the architecture is breathtaking from the outside as well as the inside. The artificially created peninsulas, which have the shape of palm trees, are also not only worth seeing, but bear witness to the money that has been invested in them. Golf clubs and amusement parks are also available for international vacationers. There is even the largest indoor ski slope in the world in Dubai. It stands directly in the desert. In addition, there are opportunities to ride a camel or look at luxury cars up close – both are no contradiction in Dubai. 

5. Monaco

Monaco is an ancient principality and the second smallest country in the world. It is home to the chic crowd and international guests visit during the famous car races. The stylish casino of the place is equally known world famous. In Monaco there are many hotels of the upper class, which have adjusted to their demanding clientele. Private chauffeurs are not uncommon there and many high-end cars can be seen on the streets. A third of Monaco’s residents are said to be millionaires. But vacationers are often accustomed to a certain standard as well.Jetting to France’s hotspots by luxury jet, for example, is not uncommon for the rich and famous. 

6. Sylt

Sylt is known in Germany as an island of the rich and beautiful. This is not only due to the prices there, which have a high level.With pleasure, the guests of the upper class stay on Sylt among themselves. Particularly popular in this regard is the town of Kampen. Here you can let the fresh wind blow around your ears on the beach and enjoy the view by the sea or the upscale restaurants and clubs on the so-called Whisky Mile in the evening. The sophisticated flair combines with the traditions of the island and the charisma that the dunes exert. The relaxing nature at the North Sea is appreciated by everyone. Everything else on Sylt is a question of the wallet. 

7. Costa del Sol 

The Andalusian seaside resort of Costa del Sol on the Mediterranean Sea is one of the luxury destinations in Europe. The old town and the beaches are very beautiful. Watching the luxury yachts on the water is also fun. While walking through the town, you will also notice the magnificent villas of the rich. For the seaside resort has long been popular with celebrities. The many well-equipped golf courses are another attraction. Families can enjoy the safari and water parks. The coastal resort also has beautiful gardens, such as the Parque de Málaga.

8. Oman

Oman is located between the sea and the desert, so it is very versatile as a tourist destination. The landscape is pristine due to the mountains and the locals are hospitable. In addition to the traditional sights such as the markets, where you can buy food and water pipes, and the strikingly large Sultan Qabus Mosque, there are similar luxuries in the country as in Dubai – but outwardly less conspicuous. Vacationers can indulge extensively in the modern hotel facilities with their pampering spa areas and other amenities. Not coincidentally, the highest luxury hotel in the world is located at an altitude of almost 2000 meters in the mountains of Oman.

9. St. Tropez 

St. Tropez has long been automatically associated with high society and is one of the destinations of the luxurious kind. Luxury yachts moving on the turquoise sea are part of the image of this place in the south of France. Einst a fishing village, more and more celebrities and other luxury tourists went there since the sixties. Boutiques selling expensive and fancy clothes can be found in St. Tropez in Provence as well as famous clubs where it goes high at night. But also the historic harbor and the picturesque coastal landscape make the charm of the place. 

10. Fiji Islands 

The 332 Fiji Islands are a well-known and very exclusive destination in the South Pacific. The reason for this is mainly the still untouched nature and the seclusion of the islands, which provides privacy. Therefore, the prices for a vacation there can also be quite expensive. Especially the very small islands are popular with celebrities and other millionaires. Matangi, for example, is a volcanic island that has the shape of a horseshoe. It is only 240 hectares in size or small and has its own rainforest. Many accommodations on the island offer guests lavish spa areas, sophisticated cuisine and exclusive recreational opportunities (including, of course, plenty of water sports).

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