Top 7 surf spots worldwide

You love summer, sand and sea as much as the feeling of endless freedom when you ride the ultimate wave on your surfboard? In our blog, we want to introduce you to some of the most amazing surf spots on the planet.Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, our tips for unique beach breaks have something for everyone! To start your surfing journey, you basically need nothing but your motivation and a board. However, knowing that surfing with the ideal equipment and gadgets not only makes it more fun, but also leads to success faster, makes the surfing life a lot easier.

Australia: Bells Beach, Victoria

In famous Bells Beach with its spectacular waves, the conditions for surfing are fantastic all year round, but as a recommendation is especially the time between April and November. At Easter, the professional contest “Rip Curl Pro” takes place here every year, which brings not only athletes, but also many onlookers to the place. Also as a filming location for the classic film “Dangerous surf”, the spot is something of a monument for wave fans. As a beginner as well as an advanced surfer, you can expect wonderful conditions with waves between one and four meters at the Australian surf spot – and pleasantly warm water in the summer months.

Brazil: Macumba

South of Rio de Janeiro lies Praia de Macumba beach, which is just as suitable for beginners as it is for advanced surfers and is a popular spot for Rio surfers. The special thing is that you have a wide choice here, from the calmer waves at Pontal Tim Maia to the harder waves at the center of the gorgeous beach.The best surfing time is considered to be the summer months, but there are constant waves here throughout the year. Macumba is considered a legendary surf spot, but remains rather unscathed by bathing tourists and actually belongs almost exclusively to surfers. On the beach, the atmosphere is relaxed because it is easily accessible and there are nice bars and good surf shops. If you want to do something besides water sports, we recommend a hike up Pedra do Pontal with a gorgeous view over the shimmering blue sea.

France: Hossegor

This small town on France’s Atlantic coast is one of the top surf spots in Europe. Not only are international championships held in the spot’s paradisiacal atmosphere, but a touch of the jet set awaits you at the beach, which is also known for its nightlife. If you’ve just started surfing, we recommend coming during the summer months, which are low in swell but still safe from waves.From September, when the first winter swells arrive, you can mingle with professionals and ride impressive barrels. By the way, Hossegor became famous for the “La Nord”, a wave that gets up to eight meters high and attracted surfers from all over the world here already in the 60-ies.

Maldives: Huvadhoo Atoll

Perfect for discerning surfers is the romantic Huvadhoo Atoll with its gorgeous sandy beach and exotic coral reef. The waves arrive here from different directions with a consistent swell and offer perfect conditions for professionals who like variety and sometimes stronger wind. It is especially nice to go out by boat through the clear blue water and then surf on the beach. Across the year you can surf here, recommended are rather the spring and autumn months, because between May and August strong wind blows. The atoll, by the way, is located south of the Sudaviva Channel and is considered the largest in the world.

Morocco: La Source, Taghazout

In southwestern Morocco, not far from Aghadir, you’ll find surf conditions that will send surfers of all levels into raptures. A moderate swell offers surfable waves in all seasons and at all tides, beautiful blue water and fine sandy golden beach. The waves are high, but their buildup is slow, so they offer great opportunities for beginners. At a short distance you will find several spots for your relaxed vacation. Pleasantly warm temperatures await you here in the African climate all year round, as the best surfing time in Morocco are generally the winter months. La Source offers itself not only as an ideal point break, but also offers a great ambience for your surf breaks with bars, souvenir stores and unique rocks with water sources.

Portugal: Praia do Baleal, Peniche

Not far from Lisbon, you can revel in your wet element as a surfer in this beautiful bay with gorgeous swells. The area is known for its unique green overgrown dunes and long sandy beaches and offers you several spots to choose from with beach breaks for every surfer’s heart. After your sessions in the waves you can expect relaxed beach flair with bars, party and also some good surf stores. For sporty breaks after surfing we recommend you a trip to the Berlengas, Portugal’s oldest nature reserve, or a stroll through the romantic alleys of the fishing town of Peniche.The best time to travel here is from March to October.

Sri Lanka, Hiikaduwa

Great conditions for every surfer’s heart, perfect waves and a paradisiacal ambience await you in this small town in the south of the country, which is not far from Colombo. The beaches with their fine sand, magnificent coral reefs and old shipwrecks off the coast are among the most popular in the region and are just as popular with surfers as they are with backpackers, divers and sun-seekers. Since the waves in Hiikaduwa are pretty consistent, you can really have fun here not only as an advanced surfer but also as a beginner and find perfect conditions if you ever want to cross surf. The best time for surfing are the months from December to March. And if you have already traveled to Hiikaduwa, we also recommend a visit to the Buddhist temple Gangarama Maha Vihara.

Surfer on wave

If surfing is not so your sport, we can recommend SUP. With SUP or Stand Up Paddeling you have a special SUP paddle with which you paddle standing on a surfboard over waters of any kind. The emphasis here is on balance training.

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