Puerto López in Ecuador: Beautiful beaches, nature and biodiversity

Puerto López is located in the province of Manabí, directly on the Pacific coast, and with its nearly 16,000 inhabitants is a cozy small town with Latin American flair. The local inhabitants live from fishing and tourism and are therefore happy to welcome guests from abroad. With its palm-fringed beaches, Puerto López offers visitors an idyllic setting, far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Puerto López is certainly an ideal destination for you too! Relax on the picturesque bays, visit cozy restaurants and enjoy local culinary specialties with delicious seafood caught fresh every morning. In Puerto López you will find yourself at an ideal starting point for boat trips, wildlife watching and hiking in the adjacent Machalilla National Park. Especially for bird lovers there is much to discover here and on bird watching tours you can observe and identify up to 50 different species with an experienced guide. But also quiet days with umbrella and a cocktail in hand you can of course indulge yourself. With a water temperature of 25 to 29 degrees, the sea invites you to swim and splash. Let Puerto López enchant you and look forward to beach, nature and an impressive biodiversity!

Sights in Puerto Lopez: Whale Watching and National Parks

This charming city by the sea has a lot to offer visitors! Whether it’s relaxing on the beach or taking an active vacation with hiking and water sports, everyone will find what they’re looking for in this gorgeous place! Here are the most popular activities in and around Puerto Lopez:

  • Whale watching in Puerto López: At probably best known is Puerto López for its whale watching tours. In the period from mid-June to October, humpback whales migrate from the South Pacific off the coast of Ecuador to mate. The male whales do their best to attract the attention of the females with spectacular jumps and there are numerous tours that take visitors by boat to the scene. Humpback whales grow to be a whole 12-15 meters tall, weighing up to 40 tons, and are known for their whale song and feistiness. You always wanted to see such majestic animals in their natural habitat? Then go whale watching!
  • Excursion to Machalilla National Park: Machalilla National Park (Parque Nacional Machalilla) is the only national park in Ecuador, located on the country’s coast. The reserve offers enchanting white sand beaches, a whole 50 kilometers of coastline, and in the upper regions an impressive rainforest determines the picture. Over 270 species of birds make their home here and armadillos, monkeys, deer and raccoons also live in this protected area. Between April and October you can also sight dolphins and albatrosses. Machalilla Nationanpark is open daily from 08:00 to 16:00 and there are numerous tour offers, such as an exploration tour of the national park on horseback. 
  • Boat tour to Isla de la Plata: 40 kilometers west of the coast lies the  “Silver Island”, Isla de la Plata, which is also part of the National Park. Many describe it as “little Galapagos” and also here you can spot exotic animal and bird species. Frigatebirds and Pelicans but especially the extraordinary Blue-footed Boobies are always worth a trip to the island. You can reach Isla de la Plata by boat and there are daily crossings and tours offered by companies there 
  • Beach Los Frailes: North of Puerto López also lies the beautiful beach Los Frailes, officially also a part of Machalila National Park. It can be easily reached by mototaxi. Similar to the Asian tuk tuk, the small vehicle will get you to your destination quickly and cheaply. From Los Frailes, there is a 4km trail for hiking enthusiasts, which leads to other small stands and several viewpoints. 
  • Diving and snorkeling: Around Puerto López, there are beautiful dive spots where you can observe the colorful life underwater. Seahorses, turtles and fish in dazzling colors can be discovered here. The diving spot “Los Ahorcados”, for example, also scores with beautiful corals. One of the best-rated diving schools is Native Diving. Here, for example, you can also complete an Open Water Diver diving certificate

Exploring Puerto Lopez as a Backpacker:

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