Entry requirements Cayman Islands

Snow-white sandy beaches, the scent of tropical fruits and fresh cocktails, unique culinary specialties fresh from the sea, duty-free shopping in the capital or long walks in the national park. Somewhere between Mexico and Cuba lie the beautiful Grand Cayman Islands, which offers everything your beach heart desires. How do you get to this beautiful spot?

TheCayman Islands belong to Great Britain. Due to the current Brexit negotiations, it is not yet clear how long Great Britain and Northern Ireland will remain part of the EU. The affiliation also affects the entry requirements. Currently, you do not need a passport to enter the country. As is usual in all EU countries, an identity card is sufficient. At least until the turn of the year 2020/21 you can come here with this document without any problems. A temporary identity card is also sufficient, if it is valid until the end of the trip. If you want to enter the country with papers that you have already reported as stolen, there will be problems. Even if they are recovered, the loss will still be recorded in the database. It is not uncommon for the British Border Police to confiscate your documents if they are still considered lost. In the Cayman Islands, however, an ID card will NOT suffice, even though the territory is part of the UK. For this you need a passport. This must still be valid for at least half a year at the start of the journey.

Visa requirement in the Cayman Islands?

A stay ofup to 30 days is allowed without a visa . Immigration officials can check if you have sufficient funds when you start your trip. Also a return ticket must sometimes be presented. Thus, you should be aware that both proof of onward travel and proof of financial liquidity should be provided. An extension of the 30-day stay is possible in principle. The responsible immigration authority on the Cayman Islands will take care of this request after your entry.
Should you accompany a minor on your trip, she/he must carry an officially certified declaration of consent of the parents.

Entry via the USA

If you are traveling to the Cayman Islands via the United States, the entry requirements of the United States apply. With a temporary passport you are allowed to travel to the Cayman Islands. However, if your route takes you through the USA, this is not sufficient. The American visa waiver program does not allow this. Depending on where you are traveling from, different, different entry requirements may apply. Therefore, be sure to inform you before starting your trip, on which way and on which route you come here. With a long-term valid passport and ideally a copy of all important documents you can enjoy the dream beaches stress-free!

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