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After 1.5 months at home, it’s finally time for us to get out into the big wide world. After spending a whole 11.5 months in Central and South America it was now time to explore Asia. As next country of our choice it went to Malaysia. As usual, we have summarized the most important regulations for entering Malaysia, so you can enjoy your vacation in this beautiful country without any problems or worries.

Entering Malaysia with a German passport

Entering Malaysia with a German passport is possible at any time. However, the passport should still be at least 6 months valid and undamaged. Otherwise, the entry may be denied. Also, it is important that still free pages in the passport are present, that the border official can make his stamp there. Entry with the temporary passport, identity card or temporary identity card is not possible.

Entry without a visa is possible – but only if you do not plan to work there and do not plan a stay longer than 3 months in Malaysia. We were asked by Condor when we flew from Frankfurt to Malaysia for an onward ticket. When we entered Malaysia, the border officials did not ask us for a ticket. This means that you should simply ask the airline if you need an onward ticket. When we entered Malaysia from Cambodia with Air Asia, we were not asked by the airline. Therefore, you can not give a blanket answer here, but should ideally just check with the airline. When entering the airport, photos are taken of you with a webcam and fingerprints of the index fingers are made. 

Special features in Malaysia

When planning a vacation in Malaysia there are some peculiarities that you should pay attention to. 

  • Check your vaccinations; the German Foreign Office recommends the travel vaccinations hepatitis A and typhoid for a trip to Malaysia, and hepatitis B, rabies and Japanese encephalitis for longer stays.  
  • In Malaysia there is a risk of infection with the Zika virus
  • In Malaysia there is a risk of infection with dengue fever, here you should protect yourself with mosquito repellent especially during the day
  • In Malaysia there is a risk of infection with Chikungunya fever
  • In Malaysia there is a risk of infection with malaria, should you get high fever on your trip in Malaysia or even a few months later, immediately to the doctor and there also give the indication that one was traveling in malaria regions.
  • In Malaysia there is a risk of infection with rabies, just go here best street dogs and strange-looking wild animals out of the way.
  • The entry with sex toys can lead to problems in Malaysia. Since in Malaysia predominantly Muslims live and in family law even the Sharia jurisprudence comes into play. The exact wording of the law (translated by myself) in the Penal Code Section 292Malaysia reads, “Whoever imports, exports or transports any obscene object for any of the aforesaid purposes, or has reason to believe that such object will be sold, leased, distributed or publicly displayed or in any manner put into circulation; shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years, with fine, or with both.” According to many reports, there have never been any real problems, however, people should refrain from bringing 5 different penis-shaped mega dildos into the country.

Does the German driver’s license apply in Malaysia?

The German driver’s license is not recognized in Malaysia. The International Driver’s License is valid in conjunction with the German driver’s license in Malaysia and is accepted by police and authorities.

Caution in Malaysia there is still the death penalty

Malaysia and especially Kuala Lumpur seem partly more modern and digital than the German state, however, there is still the death penalty in Malaysia.The death penalty is not only applied to Malaysians, but finds a place in practice even tourists in the Malaysian jurisdiction. Especially with drug offenses, Malaysia is very strict – even small amounts can lead to a long prison sentence, but if it then goes in the direction of trafficking, even the death penalty is applied. 

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