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Now that we had spent 1 month in Vietnam, it was time to travel to the next country. This time it was going to be the Philippines for us. This country is known for its beautiful landscapes, islands and underwater landscapes. Reason for us to get to know the country better. Of course, the first thing on the program was once again the research how long you can actually stay with the German passport on the Philippines. Our research and information on the entry requirements in the Philippines, we now want to share with you in this post. 

Do you need a visa for the Philippines?

For a vacation in the Philippines, a visa is necessary. However, German nationals are issued a free visa on arrival for 30 days upon entry and upon presentation of an exit ticket at the airport

This visa can also be extended once, unlike in Indonesia, for example. This extension happens either in the Bureau of Immigration in Manila or one of the regional offices which are to be found e.g. in Cebu City, Davao City, Tacloban or also San Fernando.

The extension is possible to a maximum of 59 days.The cost for this is 3,050 Philippine pesos. This is equivalent in euros 54 euros for the extension. Grundätzlich one hears also from further extensions of the Visa on Arrival, however, there is no guarantee for this, since it is here in the discretion of the officials whether a further extension comes into question.

Passport must be valid for at least 6 months before entering the Philippines

Do you need an international driver’s license for the Philippines?

In the Philippines, the international driver’s license is only required after a longer stay of 3 months. If you do not exceed this period, you do not need a separate driver’s license for driving a car or scooter. When driving scooters and motorcycles should be ensured that you have with his driver’s license and the respective class also the permission to lead the respective scooter or motorcycle.

Generally, the entry to the Philippines is relatively easy, because you already get a certain flexibility with the visa on arrival, which you do not have with other countries with the simple on arrival visa. However, the cost of an extension is relatively high and the extension itself is tied to one location, which takes away some flexibility.

However, if you want to stay in the Philippines for a longer period of time for professional reasons, you should inform yourself about the possibilities in the embassy or foreign mission in Germany. 

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