The biggest differences between hotel standards in Germany and South America

After we have now been a whole 11 months in South America and the one or the other hotel there also have participated, which has not really pleased us, we wanted to describe in the article once as we have experienced the hotels in South America and what direct comparison hotels in Germany to hotels in South America differs or one has to expect as a guest.

We have really had situations where we wanted to leave the room crying, mold, no electricity, rude staff, no window were just some of the “highlights” in South America.  We have stayed a total of 67 accommodations and have here really get a good overview of what to expect from hotels in South and Central America. In Germany, we could probably have canceled the room without problems due to the shortcomings, however, many hotel employees in Central and South America speak no Spanish at all and our Spanish skills are rather Basic, so asking options and possibility was not really possible.

accuracy of the information

At the latest when you have stayed in a hotel that visually did not correspond to the photos at all, you will ask yourself if the information provided by the hotels corresponds to the truth at all. 

In some countries it really happened to us that we did not recognize the hotels from the outside at all. The photos were outdated and the rooms meanwhile 15 years older than on the photos. In addition, it is also very common that the hotels are rarely maintained. Unfortunately, you can exclude here also no star category, to us it happened with 4 star hotels but also with 2 star hotels.

Here we have over AirBnB better experiences sammeln can, since the accommodations and photos in AirBnB always corresponded very exactly to reality.

Room without windows

A fact that happened to us 3 times on our own. One has booked a hotel and then arrives there and is provided a room without windows. 

A room without windows is like a prison. You don’t know what time it is and you don’t actually wake up in the morning. The body does not find the rhythm in a room without windows. 

Of course, in hot regions such as Mexico or even Costa Rica, it makes perfect sense to have rooms without windows, as insects and heat can be better screened out, keeping the temperature in the room tolerable.

The breakfast

International breakfast does not necessarily mean that you have a wide choice. That distinguishes hotels in South America quite clearly from hotels in Germany.

Often one has no choice at the breakfast buffet but gets a plate with scrambled eggs put down and a small basket with toast and butter and jam. Then you are still asked if you want coffee or tea. 

Who therefore however from a breakfast in South America to become full, we must unfortunately disappoint and after some time one will also no longer be able to see eggs.

What have we learned from this?

Since we have been really disappointed a few times, even though we did not choose the cheapest hotels, we will look more closely in the future. Meanwhile, we not only read the hotel reviews on the respective booking portals but also convince ourselves of the quality of the hotel via Google Maps and Tripadvisor. If the ratings and opinions here are about the same as those found on the booking platform, we also book a hotel once. Unfortunately, one can rely in not always so blindly on the ratings and photos as one is used to it from Europe or Germany.

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