Flying with AirAsia – a field report

Today we have a flight experience report straight from the plane. For us, today we are heading from the beautiful island of Langkawi to Kuala Lumpur and from there to Malaka. There we will spend a few days seeing the city and taking in some sights. Since we are having a very pleasant and quiet flight, we thought we would write an experience report on AirAsia directly from the plane

Book a flight with AirAsia

Booking flights is always such a thing – you can be unlucky and also lucky with the particular booking platform as well as the price offered. We usually look for our desired flight via Kiwi or Skyscanner and then always check the flight directly with the respective provider. With AirAsia, we still had a user account because we have flown through Asia with the airline several times in the past.

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We finally booked the flight with AirAsia via the AirAsia app. Flight agents such as eDreams, Skyscanner and Kiwi usually do not pass on the luggage prices 1 to 1 to the customer, but add a fair amount to make a booking via their portal worthwhile. For example, we would have had to pay 26 euros per person for luggage via a booking platform, but via AirAsia with a package it was only 11 euros. 

The flight was also available in the AirAsia app at any time after payment. After booking, we received a confirmation and an invoice by e-mail. Payment can be made with all major credit cards and Paypal, and there is also the option of using one of the countless payment services.

Checkin at AirAsia

Check-in with AirAsia can either go through the app, self-check-in or through the service counter at the airport. We decided to check in via the AirAsia app and then had to go to the self-check-in for our checked baggage, which didn’t work, so we had to check in at the AirAsia service counter. This went relatively quickly and even Martina’s excess baggage of 1.4 kilos was no problem. We were allowed to check in our luggage at no extra cost and were given a printed boarding pass. Since our American Express also gave us the opportunity to have breakfast for free in the Plaza Premium Lounge, the time until boarding went by very quickly.


Checkin Counter of Air Asia

The Boarding

There were only a few gates in the departure lounge. Our gate, or all AirAsia’s gates, were divided into 3 rows. First row was reserved for premium fares. Number 2 was for rows 19 and above and number 3 was for rows 6 – 19. Row 2 and row 3 were boarded simultaneously. After the ground staff had checked our boarding pass as well as the passport we went across the tarmac directly to the plane.

During the entire boarding process, we heard pleasant music in thewell-maintained A320 that we had not heard before on previous flights. The seats were in good condition and there was enough room to sit comfortably for an hour. On a longer flight, the seat pitch would probably have been too small but for the one hour it was totally fine.

For an hour flight, the legroom was fine with my 1.80 metres
seats and the tables were in a very good condition

The Flight

Our one-hour flight from Langkawi to Kuala Lumpur (KLIA 2) was very pleasant with no turbulence. After the boarding process was completed and a crew member counted through all the people again, we also taxied slowly onto the tarmac. 

The crew started with the safety instructions. For this, 2 crew members demonstrated the usual functions of the oxygen mask and life jacket while the instruction was played over the loudspeakers.  Then we took off, pretty much on time to the minute.

After we were airborne, the pilot again presented the details of the weather and the flight in a good English. After about 10 – 15 minutes, the crew started the service. We were given a bottle of water and a hot vegetarian meal. Those who had not booked the larger luggage package, and thus had no food included, had the option of various snacks and drinks ranging from RM 6 – 15 per product. After the crew had passed through the aisle once, our A320 was already starting its approach to the airport. Just before landing, the staff collected the rubbish and wished us a good landing.

After a few minutes we were back at the gate to collect our bags. A quick and unproblematic flight.

Our conclusion: flying with AirAsia

We have used the service and the offer of AirAsia a few times now and have always been very satisfied. Of course, AirAsia is not a premium airline but rather an Asian low-cost airline. With AirAsia, you get exactly the service you bought beforehand when booking and in a very friendly and pleasant environment. All crew members and the entire staff we have had to deal with speak very good English, the aircraft were always in a very well-maintained condition and the atmosphere on board was always positive. Therefore, we would decide to fly with AirAsia in Southeast Asia again at any time, as the price-performance ratio is simply great and you can get from A to B very cheaply.

View trough the hallway at our AirAsia flight on Board of an A320

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