Gunung Raya Excursion – Lost Place on Langkawi

Scooter Trip to Gunung Raya – Is It Worth It?

After we slowly got really into scootering and Martina got over her initial fear, it was time to plan longer scooter tours on Langkawi. We looked at the various highlights on the map and in various travel guides and decided relatively quickly that we should go up the Gunung Raya to see what the view beyond the Sky Bridge has to offer. Gunung Raya is the highest mountain in Langkawi. The peak is 881 above sea level. (By Bolivia and Peru that’s kind of just a hill, but still a pretty proud height by island standards.) 

Ausblick vom Gunung Raya über Langkawi
View from the hill
Aussichtsplattform Gunung Raya
Busy taking photos and freezing!

The journey to the mountain

We startedour scooter ride early in the morning to avoid getting into the full midday heat. After about 45 minutes of riding we finally arrived at the deserted top of the mountain. Apart from dogs and two cleaners, there were neither tourists nor any people up there. 

The drive up Gunung Raya was a lot of fun at first, but then it became more and more exhausting, as the road is not really in good shape and there are a lot of bad spots or overgrown areas along the way. In addition, there are the curves and the sometimes very steep incline. In addition, we started at 28 degrees Celsius, but most of the time we drove in the shade of the mountain and the temperature dropped due to the altitude.In summary, we really froze from 500 metres upwards and were very happy when the sunlight flashed through the jungle.

On the way up there were 2 smaller stopping bays,to enjoy the view over Langkawi, however one of these stopping bays was already so overgrown that you were really just looking into the jungle and not really getting anything out of the view.

On the last platform just before the summit of Gunung Raya came another opportunity to stop and enjoy the view. By now we were well chilled. What was really great, though, was the peace and quiet, no tourists, no people, just us with our scooters and a brilliant view. 

Besuchertafel Gunung Raya
Information board about the Gunung Raya

Lost Place Gunung Raya

Actually we wanted to visit the viewing platform of Gunug Raya, but we had read some reports in advance that it was probably closed. We had expected a closed viewing platform, but then found a brilliant lost place in the middle of Langkawi.

Aussichtsplattform Gunung Raya
The observation tower on Gunung Raya

The whole area was deserted, but somehow still in good shape in parts and really run down in others. The wind whistled loudly through the old antenna systems on the mountain, some of which were already really torn apart. It was an eerie atmosphere that we had never felt before in Malaysia.

Lost Places Gunung Raya

Is it worth it?

Here we are somewhat ambivalent, the view from the summit over the island was really impressive. However, it was a shame that you couldn’t really enjoy the view from the top of the mountain. There are only a few small places where you have a view over the island, because many places along the road are already overgrown and block the view. What we liked very much was the fact that along the road we kept coming across great animals. Whether monkeys, lizards or birds – for nature lovers, the drive up Langkawi’s highest mountain is definitely worthwhile.

Frau mit Regenjacke
When the rain poncho is misused as a jacket because it was just too cold!
Lost Places Langkawi
View from the closed observation deck

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