The amusement park with looping roller coaster in the shopping mall – Berjaya Times Square

A theme park in the shopping mall?

Every one of us has probably watched Galileo at some point. We have practically grown up with it. The reports always take people to unusual places that we didn’t know before. That’s how we came across the Death Road in Bolivia and yes, we went down the Death Road by mountain bike. We have now found a similar incredible place only without dead and not in Bolivia but in a shopping mall in Malaysia

A roller coaster in a shopping mall? That somehow already sounds like a movie about Las Vegas, but no there is also ashopping mall in Malaysia with a whole indoor amusement park. A childhood dream came true, who wouldn’t have loved to be dropped off there when their parents were still shopping – here in Malaysia we could fulfil this childhood dream. In Berjaya Times Square, not far from Bukit Bintang and the famous Night Food Market in Jalan Alor there is the Berjaya Times Square, ea huge shopping centre with over 1,000 different shops and 65 restaurants. In fact, Berjaya Times Square is one of the largest shopping malls in the world. It ranks second on the list behind the South China Mall. Opened in 2003, Berjaya Times Square has been attracting more than 3,000,000 visitors a month ever since. 

The facts sound crazy, don’t they?But what’s really crazy and what really blew us away was the indoor leisure park in the shopping mall. In this amusement park there is in addition to normal rides also a looping roller coaster! Yes you read correctly a looping roller coaster in a shopping mall. A big part of the park is for smaller kids, but hey, when do you ever get the chance to ride a roller coaster in a mall?

The Berjaya Times Square Theme Park offers rides for every taste
In this part of the park you will mainly find rides for children

What is the entrance fee to Berjaya Times Square Indoor Amusement Park?

Admittedly, it is quite an expensive treat by Malaysian standards. But if you compare the prices for rides in Germany at the Wiesn or other festivals, it becomes relatively cheap again. If you buy your tickets online, you can save another 15%. Go to the Ticket Online Shop. If you buy the tickets for the Berjaya Times Square Theme Park on site, you have to pay 70 ringgit if you are 13 years or older and 65 ringgit for children up to 13 years. There are cheaper entrance fees for Malaysian citizens. Besides the single tickets, there is also the Family Package, which is valid for two adults and two children. You have to pay 230 ringgit for this package.

The Berjaya Times Square Theme Park can be found at the Berjaya Times Square Shopping Centre. The exact address is: No. 09-103, 9th Floor, Berjaya Times Square, No.1, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

View over the Galaxy Station (here are the rides for the older “kids”)

Is the indoor amusement park in one of the world’s biggest shopping malls worth it?

We think yes! Sure it’s not Disney World in Orlando or Europapark in Rust, but it’s definitely an option if you have an afternoon to spare in Kuala Lumpur or the weather doesn’t suit a city exploration tour. Especially the looping roller coaster is worth a visit in our eyes, because it goes through 2 helixes in addition to the looping and you already have quite an exciting ride experience. The Supersonic Odyssey (the name of the looping roller coaster) is located in the first part of the park (Galaxy Station), the roller coaster reaches speeds of up to 80 kilometres per hour and goes over 800 metres over 5 floors through the amusement park. There are also several other rides that are included in the admission price. However, many of the attractions and games (VR, etc.) are associated with extra costs, so that after the free rides, one might briefly ask oneself whether it is not a bit of a rip-off. However, you can ride the free rides as many times as you like, which is enough after 3-4 rides. 

Here the roller coaster comes at 80 kilometres an hour
A kind of chain carousel

If you bring a bag, you have to pay an extra 10 ringgit for the locker. Otherwise, we can only advise you to visit the park, as it is quite a unique experience and a good alternative if the weather in Kuala Lumpur does not play along.

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