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Under normal circumstances, entering Nepal is not a major problem. Applying for a visa is straightforward for Europeans and there are several ways to obtain the mandatory visa for Nepal.

Nepal visa online

At least 14 days before entry, a visa for Nepal can be applied for online. The official form, which is easy to fill out, is only available in English. Here’s what you need for the online visa for Nepal:

  • Fill out form
  • Upload passport photo
  • At least 2 blank pages in passport
  • Passport valid for at least 6 more months at time of entry
  • Print out form and bring it with you
  • Pay visa fee directly upon entry

Nepal Visa through Embassy

You can also apply for a visa for Nepal in person at the Nepal embassy in Berlin or at one of the honorary consulates in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich and Stuttgart. This is what you need for the visa application at the embassy:

  • At least 2 blank pages in your passport
  • Passport valid for at least 6 months at the time of entry
  • Fill out the application form
  • Transfer the visa fee, or pay in cash if you are collecting the visa in person.

Nepal Visa on Arrival

You can get a visa for Nepal on arrival without applying in advance at the airport. If you have the time and patience to put up with the 1 to 2 hour waitt that this entails, the Visa on Arrival for Nepal is an easy and inexpensive solution. Here’s how the Visa on Arrival works:

  • At least 2 free pages in the passport
  • Passport, which is still valid for at least 6 months at the time of entry
  • A passport photo 
  • Cash for the visa fee in euros or US dollars, preferably already counted in advance to fit.

Meanwhile, there are also machines at the airport, where the passport is scanned, the personal information is entered and a photo is taken. Unfortunately, this does not shorten waiting times.

The above information is the latest as of 2019, before the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. Currently, entry for tourists in Nepal is severely restricted.

Nepal: Entry at times of Corona

Nepal is currently classified as a risk area. The State Department strongly advises against non-emergency travel to the country.

Conditions for entering Nepal during the Corona pandemic

Those who do not belong to one of the above-mentioned groups of people must meet the following requirements in order to be allowed to enter Nepal:

  • A visa must be applied for in advance.
  • A “preapproval/recommendation letter” must be presented. Who issues this depends on the reason for the stay: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Culture or the Nepalese Embassy.
  • Before departure, a form must be filled out online. The barcode generated here must be printed out or shown as a screenshot upon entry.
  • A 14-day quarantine is mandatory after entry. Quarantine can be observed at home, in a hotel or in a government facility. Here is a list of quarantine hotels available. These offer full board ranging from the equivalent of about 19 euros to about 62 euros per night. If you share a double room with someone, it will be cheaper.

Although there are no travel restrictions within the country, an additional negative Covid-19 test is required to fly to certain areas. This applies, for example, to the Everest region. 

Exit and onward travel from Nepal

Many airlines require a negative Covid-19 test for carriage, regardless of regulations in the country of departure or arrival. Domestic and international air traffic is slowly resuming, although there is no question of normalcy at the moment.

Transit and onward travel from Nepal is not possible. The country’s borders with India and China are closed.

At present, there are no exit restrictions or restrictions on movement within Nepal, except for the requirement to show a negative Covid test upon entry into certain areas.

The entry requirements for Germans in Nepal, as well as the country’s internal regulations, can always change, even at short notice, due to the Corona pandemic.

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