Entry requirements Taiwan

Entry regulations Taiwan – What to consider?

Now that we have spent a month in the Philippines, it was time for us to travel to the next country. Actually we had planned a trip to Hong Kong and Macao, however, this was not possible, because most airlines from Manila cancelled the flights to the Chinese mainland, because in this moment just the Corona virus was doing its mischief there. So we changed our plans and flew from Manila to Taipei in Taiwan. Of course, we have previously to the entry requirements extensively informed so that we also have a problem-free entry here.

Do you need a visa for Taiwan?

For German citizens, theentry with the passport without problems possible.You get here a visa for 90 days on entry.  Also the entry with a temporary passport is possible. However, the stay in Taiwan is then limited to a maximum of 30 days and is required the paid landing visa. The landing visa can be applied for at Taoyuan International Airport at the Bureau of Consular Affairs. When entering at other international airports, a Temporary Entry Permit is issued by the border officials. Here, one must then subsequently go to a Bureau of Consular Affiars in the city to apply for the subsequent landing visa.

Can you extend the visa on arrival?

The Visa on Arrival issued at all international airports as well as at the ports of Keelung, Hualien, Taichung, Kinmen Shuitou Harbour, Mazu and Koahsiung is not extendable.If you want to have a visa that is extendable, you should apply for a normal visa.

For more specific details on the current status of visas and entry regulations, visit the Foreign Office


One Way Entry to Taiwan?

To make a one way entry to Taiwan we recommend a Onward Service. In many forums we have read that the entry can be rejected if the onward ticket is missing. This can already happen at check-in with the airline.

Do I need an international driver’s license for Taiwan?

If you plan to rent a car or scooter, the international driver’s license is mandatory in Taiwan. At many of the rental stations, this is even checked (not like in many other countries in Southeast Asia). Therefore, if you plan to rent a car to explore the island by yourself, we recommend that you apply for an international driver’s license in Germany

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