Entry Thailand up to date: What you should know now

Entering Thailand from Germany

The Tourist Visa Thailand is back

Germans, Austrians and Swiss can now stay in Thailand for 30 days without a pre-applied visa again since November 18, 2020. The tourist visa (Tourist Visa (TR) – Single Entry) is issued directly upon arrival at the airport. Prerequisites for this are a valid German, Austrian or Swiss passport that expires in no less than 6 months and 2 free pages in the passport that provide space for the visa to be issued. 

While in nostalgically missed times before the Corona pandemic these were the only necessary requirements for entry into Thailand from Germany, there are now additional entry requirements that must be scrupulously observed.

Times have changed in Thailand, as they have everywhere in the world. At the present moment, non-mandatory, that is, tourist travel, to the Land of Smiles is discouraged. For those who still want or need to travel to Thailand, special regulations apply. Regulations and bureaucratic steps are constantly changing due to the ongoing Corona pandemic. For this reason, we advise contacting the Foreign Office or your Thai Embassy for detailed and official information in all cases.

Here is a summary of the current regulations for entering Thailand at the time of Corona

Every aspect of the entry regulations for Thailand has been complicated by the Corona pandemic. For Germans, at the current time, a visa applied for in advance is not necessary for entry if the stay is not to exceed 30 days. A tourist visa issued upon arrival at the airport is sufficient.

However, the following documents must be presented:

  1. Certificate of Entry The basic requirement for entry is a so-called Certificate of Entry (COE). This can be created online via the website of the competent Thai diplomatic mission.
  2. Foreign health insurance A copy of the foreign health insurance must be presented. This must show that treatment costs in the event of illness are covered by Covid-19 with a minimum amount of US $100,000.
  3. Fit to fly certificate The “fit to fly” or “fit to travel” certificate must be provided in English.
  4. Negative RT-PCR test Covid-19 The negative Covid-19 test must also be provided in English.

Both the airworthiness certificate and the negative Covid-19 test must be no more than 72 hours old at the time of entry.

Only with Certificate of Entry (COE) is entry into Thailand possible

The certificate is a basic requirement for entry. For this you can register on the site coethailand.mfa.go.th. The following documents must be submitted for the Certificate of Entry (COE) to be issued:

  1. Passport Copy of passport (page with passport photo)
  2. Health insurance Copy of overseas health insurance with certified covered treatment costs of at least $100,000 for Covid-19.
  3. Airline ticket Copy of airline ticket
  4. Quarantine hotel booking confirmation Copy of quarantine hotel booking confirmation (ASQ ALQ) for the 14-day stay after arrival in Thailand. The check-in date must be the same as the arrival date.

It takes about 3 business days for the entry certificate to be issued.

Quarantine Hotels in Thailand

No matter what reason you choose to travel to Thailand, you will not get around the 2 weeks quarantine in the dedicated quarantine hotel. This is at your own expense and the booking in the quarantine hotel for the first two weeks of your stay in Thailand are a prerequisite for the issuance of the entry permit. 123 hotels with a total of 16223 rooms are available for selection. However, depending on the arrival airport, a hotel of the corresponding region must be selected. The booking must be made directly with the hotel, bookings through third parties are not accepted for entry. During the stay at the quarantine hotel, several Covid-19 tests are mandatory.

Visa Thailand

Under certain circumstances, such as aggravating the degree of risk to Germany, visa requirements may apply that make it necessary for Germans to apply for a visa in advance. It is also necessary to apply for the visa in advance for longer stays and trips that are not tourism-related.

The same provisions for entry that we have already covered above apply here. In addition, the visa must be applied for first.

The order in this case is as follows:

  1. Application for visa 
    • Documents depending on type of visa
    • Passport validity min. 6 months
    • 2 free pages in passport
  2. Booking of quarantine hotel for 14 days
    • Date of arrival = Check-. in date
    • Only direct bookings accepted
    • Book hotel in arrival airport region
  3. Foreign health insurance
    • Minimum insurance amount $100 for Covid-. 19
    • Copy in English
  4. Book airline ticket
  5. Apply for Certificate of Entry (COE) online
    • Copy passport
    • Copy health insurance
    • Copy Airline ticket
    • Copy booking confirmation quarantine hotel
  6. Less than 72 hours before departure
    • Certificate of fitness to fly in English
    • Negative RT-. PCR Covid-19 test in English

Hygiene regulations

Obey hygiene regulations and mask requirements, especially in public places and transportation, or you could face heavy fines.

Transit and onward travel via Bangkok

Transit or onward travel from Bangkok airport is not possible. State borders with adjacent countries are closed to passenger traffic

All information provided in this article is current as of Dec. 31, 2020.

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