A beach to fall in love with – Playa Santa Teresa

Playa Santa Teresa

After spending a few days in La Fortuna and exploring the inland nature, as well as getting to know the capital San Jose it was time for us to finally, after almost 6 months, the first time to go to the Pacific .

After a relatively long research had we the choice between Santa Teresa and Samara, but the choice fell in the end then but on Santa Teresa since this place in many reports is still acted as a real insider tip – where against Samara already attracts package tourists.

only a few beach shacks can be found hidden behind palm trees


Getting to Santa Teresa

Getting to Santa Teresa is a real adventure and unfortunately usually a relatively expensive undertaking, if you are not ready is to wait for hours on different bus lines (about 5 times change and 11 hours drive) which can come, or even once not.

Santa Teresa in Costa Rica is located on a peninsula which is connected to the mainland by a tip in the north of Costa Rica. Separated is the peninsula by the Gulf of Nicoya. This Gulf makes the undertaking to Santa Teresa to come just very difficult.

One has thus actually only two possibilities. Either one is with a car, shuttle or bus on the way and drives here about the 18 over the Puente la Amistad on the peninsula (all the same of from La Fortuna or San Jose) or one finds a tour offerer the gulf of Nicoya with a boat crosses.

With the shuttle or private tour provider it goes for about 60 – 100 USD per person from La Fortuna or San Jose to Playa Santa Teresa. Here one is then open whether he would prefer to cross the bad roads on the peninsula by bus or be taken by taxiboat from Playa Herradura to Montezuma.

The other possibility to drive with a rental car, bus or shuttle over the mainland is depending on the type between 10 – 60 USD per person. As a tip we can recommend a stop at the intersection of the 18 to the 1 state road. Here all the tours of Interbus meet at a rest area. On this rest area live some macaws which can be observed here in the wild. The exact address is the: Ruta 1 Intercción con Ruta 18 Interamericana Norte, Provincia de Guanacaste..

The beach of Santa Teresa

The beach of Santa Teresa is probably the reason why you should travel there at all. Since we were now already over half a year in the Caribbean on the road and were disappointed again and again by beaches that were either privatized or full of brown algae we wanted to finally get to know a beach that enchants us.

the perfect sunset on the nearly deserted beach

Playa Santa Teresa has definitely enchanted us.A beach that is only a little crowded by package tourism, a beach where no annoying vendors try to sell you any stupid products, a beach where you can still directly experience and see many animals, a beach where you have space and do not have to be afraid of being expelled from the beach by the next hotel security guard.

The Playa Santa Teresa is a total of 5 kilometers long and is not only suitable for sunbathing. Especially in the evening the setting sun turns Playa Santa Teresa into a beautiful yellow light. The spray fogs the whole beach gently and you really get the desire to go up and down the whole beach.

The beach of Playa Santa Teresa is a center of attraction for surfers.

But the beach of Santa Teresa is also excellent for surfers. The waves are not only suitable for beginners, but also for advanced surfers. Along the main street you will find countless surf schools and stores where you can rent a surfboard even as a beginner.

Accommodation in Santa Teresa

As mentioned above, package tourism has not really arrived. There are isolated Eco Lodges at high prices most accommodations, however, are rather designed for the younger clientele and therefore relatively cheap to have. The accommodations cost on average between 15 – 50 USD per night (on Booking.com and AirBnB).

What else is there to experience in Santa Teresa?

Those hoping for an adventure vacation will not find it in Santa Teresa. The mixed audience between hipsters and surfers live here mostly very intense beach life. But to be honest that was also completely enough for us. Playa Santa Teresa is such a wonderful place that you actually do not need much more.

The nightlife takes place largely on the beach. You sit together drinking one or the other beer and look at the Pacific. The bars are mostly closed from 10 o’clock (even on weekends).

Empty streets on weekends

But if the beach isn’t enough for you, you have the option of renting quads, taking yoga classes or visiting the Beach Fitness Studio. The cafes along the main street also invite digital nomads to work.

On the side of the road, you’ll find countless restaurants and stores that stock everything you need.

Here you can still find some information on how to stay fit while traveling.

Other infrastructure

Even though Santa Teresa itself probably won’t become a tourist hotspot in the next 10 years (which would also be a real shame) there is everything a backpacker’s heart desires on the main street.

No matter whether laundromat where one can wash his laundry for 1000 Colones the kilo or also restaurants the Vegan, Veggie or also normal meal for small to large money offer here no desires remain open.

For a meal in a Soda incl. drink one must pay about 3000 Colones per person (about 4 – 5 euros). With an Asian this goes then already times in the direction times 3.

typical soda in Santa Teresa

Casados are the cheapest option if you want to enjoy a full and sumptuous meal. A casado is a kind of grilled plate with rice, beans, chips and salad – usually accompanied by a choice of meat, fish or vegetables.

a typical Casado in Costa Rica

Also there are some supermarkets right on the main street that have the funny name Super Ronny or something similar. Here you can get everything from Fidji water to steak. Depending on whether it comes from the region or must be imported – of course, the price varies.


If you ask us now if the relatively difficult and expensive journey from Volcano Arenal to Santa Teresa was worth it you will hear from us always a “yes”. We fell in love with the beach – the small village on the Pacific coast quickly draws you under its spell and prompts everyone to stay a little longer.

Martina and Max happy – All good 😀

VLOG Santa Teresa Beach

Of course we made a vlog for you again so you can imagine how great the beach of Santa Teresa is in real.

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