Cusco a city to fall in love with!

Admittingly, we were a bit apprehensive as we headed to Cusco. How will we cope with the altitude? Will we get altitude sickness again? For hours we had to wait for our flight from Lima to Cusco. Admittedly, you hear a lot about this beautiful city in the Andes – but we could not really imagine anything.

As we flew after about 1 hour slowly towards the airport of Cusco we were really very excited what would expect us in this city. We got off the plane and immediately realized that we were no longer 20 meters above sea level, but now again high in the Andes. Cusco is located on average at 3399 meters our accommodation was even at 3505 meters above sea level – so we slept quasi 500 meters above the Zugspitze.

What makes Cusco so. Special?

Of course, we got smart beforehand about what makes Cusco a real highlight here in Peru. Did you know that 9 out of 10 tourists who visit Peru also visit Cusco? Admittedly, Lima has not knocked our socks off, so we can very well understand the Cusco as an absolute tourist highlight is traded.

But this fact does not explain at all why Cusco is visited so strongly. Cusco is of course still used as a starting point for trips to Machu Picchu. Here you can start day tours or even hikes to Machu Picchu. Currently, Cusco has about 350,000 inhabitants. So it is not a small town.

During the time of the Inca Empire, Cusco was the capital of the Incas. Since the year 1983, Cusco is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Did you know that Cusco was actually not the original name? The name of the city during the Inca marriage was Quechua which means “navel of the world”. The city was probably founded in the 11th or 12th century AD. So, in direct comparison with European history, Cusco is still a fairly modern city. On November 15, 1533, Cusco was conquered by the Spaniards and they started to build churches and many city squares. Even today you can see the influences of the Spaniards on the winding streets in the city center or in the old town of Cusco.

What can you do in Cusco. experience?

We wanted to do 3 tours! This much was certain for us. Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountains and of course the Sacred Valley. However, there is far more to experience in Cusco than these tours. Inca Trail, Salkantay Trail, Lares Trek, Choquequirao Trek, Vilcabamba Trail and many other activities. However, most of the activities end at the world famous Inca ruins of Machu Picchu.

To admit we did not know at the beginning whether we get at all for Machu Picchu still a place, since now per hour max. 800 people may visit the ruins, however, we also did not know how we should come there at all, since bus, train, bus, overnight stay and and and were initially very intransparent for us.

Also one has the possibilities of different tours to the Rainbow Mountains or also to book the lagoon Humantay. We have also compared the Prices online against the local prices of different agencies compared and it is really worth it to book the tours here on-site in Cusco.

The Rainbow Mountains tour are offered via GetYourGuide and AirBnb on average for 30 – 40 euros per person per day. Here on-site you can get the tour from 12 euros per person (40 soles). Also, there is the Sacred Valley Tour including transportation, guide and buffet lunch here in Cusco already from 25 euros per person. On the Internet we found this from 42 euros per person.

Where do you get in Cusco the cheapest tours?

We went to 7 Travel Agencies here in Cusco and always got offered the same package. We wanted a day tour to Machu Picchu, a day tour to the Rainbow Mountains and just a day tour in the Sacred Valley. We had prices from 480 USD per person to 262 USD per person including ticket for Peru Rail, entrance to Machu Picchu and even with 2 tours free food included.

We would like to emphasize here again that this is not a sponsored contribution, but a real field report. This favorable offer was made to us by Jose. Jose from J.A.Travel Agencia de Viajes y Turismo in Cusco. One finds the small agency in the proximity of the Plaza Majors in the Calle Triunfo No 368. 

We can recommend Jose without reservation. He has given us even given us his private cell phone number so that we can contact him in the event of a Case can report. His email address is I have also added Jose also added him to Google Maps so you can find the agency quickly. He shares his “office” with a gift store, he is usually available in the morning until 14.30 and in the evening from 18.00 – 20.00 o’clock in the store.

Internet in Cusco

Of course, we also had to work in Cusco. In our experience, the internet in Cusco is not the best. Very unstable and on weekends normal surfing is actually not possible. Therefore, we do not recommend any digital nomads to stay longer here in Cusco, because it is really a constant struggle to get any good internet connection.

In total we were now in 5 accommodations in Cusco, since Martina unfortunately fell ill with amoebas and we therefore had to extend our stay from 9 Days to 15 days had to extend. The best Internet in Cusco we had in the Selina Hostel Plaza del Arms. Uploads and downloads are possible here. In the other accommodations it was only very difficult to work fluently or to do to do other things on the Internet.

A tip: Who wants to expel on mobile hotspots can get 3 gigabytes of fullspeed data volume from Claro for 30 PEN. These 3 gigabytes are valid for a month and also work very well here in Cusco.


What good places to eat. are there in Cusco?

Since we have spent some time in Cusco after all. we have of course gone in search of delicious food in Cusco. Since Martina is a vegetarian and I am rather omnivore we have therefore always on the lookout for good restaurants with a wide and also vegetarian Offer held.

The next 4 restaurants are probably the highlights of our 15 days in Cusco

Trattoria Adriano

Whoever is looking for a delicious Italian restaurant here in Cusco will find it at Trattoria Adriano. Due to the fact that here people are always standing in front of it and trying to lure people in it seems almost like a tourist trap. However, we can recommend this restaurant unreservedly recommend. Price performance is here in order!

Where to find. Trattoria Adriano?Av El Sol 102, Cusco 08002

Mama Jama

The Mama Jama in Cusco was our personal highlight here in Cusco. Excellent service and an Italian and Peruvian fusion Kitchen. We have been to this restaurant 4 times and have been more convinced each time. The prices per dish here range from 7 – 14 euros. Not cheap but really super tasty.

Where can you find the Mama Jama? Av. Parado Paseo de los Heroes 1079 Cusco 08002

Monkey Coffee Cusco

If you’re in the mood for a delicious sandwich you can’t go past the Monkey Coffee Cusco. Here you can get delicious coca tea and good food at fair prices. Who looks for Internet gets here also free W-LAN (that is also quite stable).

Where to find the. Monkey Coffee Cusco? Siete Angelitos 638, Cusco 08001

La Frescas Salad Bar & More

This place has super tasty salads and bowls. If you spending a few days in Cusco this is a good low calorie and healthy Alternative to empanadas and other greasy food. Here you can also find Vegan dishes that are really delicious.

Where can you find the La Frescas Salad Bar & More? Calle Saphy 478, Cusco 08002

Would we visit Cusco visit again?

Yes, a definite yes! Cusco is a city that you not must have visited only once in a lifetime, but which also invites you again to to explore the city again. Cusco is a city that has managed to combine tourism and tradition like no other city on our trip. At similar we still found Antigua.

It’s just fun to explore the small streets, it’s fun to watch the friendly people in the park, it’s fun to be a Teil of an everyday life that has come to terms with tourism in a very special way.

During our time here in Cusco, it was the city festival and believe it or not – the people of Cusco managed to have a festival every day. Really every day and the glow on people’s faces was great! Thank you Cusco!


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