El Nido the new Bali? A lot of hype about nothing?

Today we would like to report on our visit to El Nido on the beautiful island of Palawan. A place that on one hand allows a visitor to focus on the beautiful things in life (beach, palm trees, clear water, sunsets and good cocktails), but also a place that can make nature lovers and world travelers a bit desperate. El Nido has probably become really famous due to the numerous travel bloggers and but also Instagramer. Who was on Palawan, and has not visited El Nido, which was also not really on Palawan. Therefore, we decided on our world trip to take the place also times more closely under the magnifying glass in the hope that we find here great and lively reefs that make so right desire to explore the underwater world. 

El Nido itself is a small fishing town in the north of Palawan. About only 40,000 people live in the region. Meanwhile, however, fishing is no longer the main business of the people there.Tourism has become more and more in recent years and the inhabitants have of course understood how to make money from the countless tourists

Arrival to El Nido

What is the fastest way to get to El Nido? We asked these questions at the beginning of our round trip through the Philippines, of course. We decided to travel via Manila to Puerto Princes (where we visited Honda Bay) and from there by van to El Nido. The flights from Manila are already available for small money, the van costs about 14 euros per person. The trip from Puerto Princesa to El Nido takes a total of 6 hours.

Another option, and probably the more convenient one, is aflight to El Nido Airport (also often called Lio Airport). This airport is privately owned, and only AirSwift flights operate here. The airport is approached directly from Manila but also from Cebu. We flew from the airport directly on to Bohol.

View of El Nido from the south

Washing clothes in El Nido

Washing clothes in El Nido is possible almost everywhere. However, prices are relatively high compared to other countries. For a kilo of laundry you pay including folding and drying 50 PHP – which is about one euro. However, it can then take up to 4 days until you have your fresh laundry. Or one chooses the option Express – then everything goes also in 24 hours is however then with 100 PHP per kilogram twice as expensive as, if one brings much time. Laundry in El Nido is thus quite a cost-intensive undertaking.

Food and restaurants in El Nido

The Philippines have not yet been able to convince us in culinary terms, and this has remained the case in El Nido. The food is rather simple and the spices that are used are rather unspectacular. The dishes that you get in the restaurants are rather basic than culinary highlights. We have now tried a few places and can here the Tuk Tuk Thai Restaurant (Thai cuisine), Cafe Athena (Greek cuisine), Tuko Restobar (tapas and snacks) sowie the Happiness Beach Bar (vegetarian food) recommend. Unfortunately, the snacks and small kitchens are not so recommended in culinary terms. For a meal in the better places you pay depending on the type of food between 250 PHP and 700 PHP.

The Happiness Beach Bar in the heart of El Nido

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