Flying with Air Swift – A field report

When traveling in the Philippines, unfortunately you can’t get over booking and taking some flights from island to island. Ferry connections are not always well set up and so one would often have several days of travel. 

This is how we felt about going from El Nido on Palawan to Bohol. We researched and then found the airline Air Swift who operate a private airport at El Nido. The LIO airport is actually only operated by Air Swift. Flights go here to various islands of the Philippines. 

Air Swift is a relatively small airline. It flies to a total of only 8 airports within the Philippines. The fleet of 4 airplanes ATR 42-600 and ATR 72-600. As we waited for our flight at El Nido Airport were exactly 4 aircraft on the small tarmac of the airport. So we saw the entire Air Swift fleet on the tarmac at El Nido. When we had researched Air Swift and got this info, we both had to grin slightly.

The booking with Air Swift

We spent some time looking for a suitable flight from El Nido or Palawan to save us the 6.5 hour trip to Puerto Princesa and then came across the tip with Air Swift. We then booked our flight directly with the airline via their homepage. What was a little confusing when booking, was the fact that you could book 1 piece of luggage with only 10 kilos. Unfortunately, we could not find any info whether I may then take a 20 kilo suitcase with 2 pieces of luggage. We booked it then simply on good luck and could then also take only one piece of luggage with the respective total weight without any problems. For the flight we paid 145 euros per person. From Puerto Princesa it would have gone a little cheaper (about 90 euros) but we would have then very early from El Nido losmüssen or still book an accommodation in Puerto Princesa.

The check-in and boarding

The check-in at the small airport LIO of El Nido was very friendly and easy. After a short wait we got our tickets printed and our luggage was taken. However, the wait was also only because the internet is so bad in the region and the airline’s site had not loaded.  We went through a short check and waited until our flight was called. Since it was only a very small airport we then walked in line to our plane. Kind of reminded us of the plane in San Pedro Sula in Honduras with CM Airlines.

The Flight

We can’t report too much about the flight. The plane itself was in very good condition and the legroom was greater than other flights we’ve recently had in Asia. 

Summary – Flying with Air Swift

The flight was very pleasant. We had honestly expected a bumpy flight due to the small propeller planes – however, it wa really very quiet and we also landed only a short time directly in Bohol.For the fact that it is a very small airline, but no big frills, the service and staff was very good and friendly. 

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