Flying with Cebu Pacific Air – a field report

After a month in Vietnam, it was now time to say goodbye to this country. We booked the flight before we entered Vietnam, because it has to be stated at the online e-visa. As our next stop we wanted to go to the Philippines and explore the great islands and the underwater world. Therefore, we booked a flight from Hanoi to Manila – from there we went with a neat delay of 1.5 hours with AirAsia Philippines further to Puerto Princesa on Palawan. 

Cebu Pacific is a low-cost airline from the Philippines. As such, the airline is also in direct competition with AirAsia.  Currently, the airline has 71 aircraft in operation. The airline’s route network has been steadily expanded over the past few years. The average age of the aircraft in service is about 5.0 years, according to Wikipedia. If you want to know more about the airline – you can visit the Wikipedia page directly. (

Booking with Cebu Pacific Air

We found the flight with Cebu Pacific Air at Kiwi. The flight itself for 2 people from Hanoi to Manila was a very fair priced with 64 euros per person for the almost 3 hour flight. The luggage had to be booked extra. This was for the route Hanoi – Manila about 25 euros per 20 KG piece of luggage. Thus, we had to pay a total of 186 euros for the flight. Given the 3 hours flight duration a favorable flight.

We were able to pay the flight with our AMEX and got that way our Membership Rewards credited. After a few minutes we had the booking confirmation including booking number in our email inbox. The booking was also not through the provider directly, but through

The check-in

After we had checked in online, we just had to takeour luggage to the counter at the airport of Hanoi. Here we showed our passports and put the luggage on the conveyor belt. The Cebu Air Pacific employee didn’t say a word during this process and gave us our printed boarding passes without any instructions. We were able to go through security and immigration with them.

You’ve never flown before? Just check out our article “Flying for the First Time” Here Martina has published a step by step guide. 

The Bording

After we had gone through security and departed Vietnam within a few minutes, we had 2 hours left which we spent in the lounge. The Lounge Access is included with our credit card. In the Lounge you get free food and drinks.  Just before boarding was about to start we looked for our gate and waited at the boarding gate. After a few minutes, the staff also came and the boarding started. It went quickly and smoothly and we entered the bus already after a few minutes, that would bring us to our machine type Airbus A320-200 .

The flight with Cebu Pacific Air

After we were boarded and sat on our yet quite narrow seats we went to the tarmac. There was a short safety briefing and then we departed already. During the flight, there were drinks for a fee. The prices were very reasonable. For a water bottle you had to pay 30 PHP or about 60 euro cents. Payment by credit card was possible. there was no board entertainment on the 3 hour flight. After a short flight we already began the descent and headed for the most terrible airport in the world – Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

There wasn’t much legroom!

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