Flying with Lion Air – Experience Report

How is flying with Lion Air?

Since I am asked again and again whether I have ever flown with an airline that is on the blacklist and I also recently published the article with the 5 most dangerous airlines – I want to write here once my experience report on Lion Air to be able to give here one or the other an impression of how good or bad this airline really is.

Important: Lion Air is not for too tall people

I’m just 1.80 meters and had here really my problems longer to stay seated on this great place. Here the width plays no role but rather the fact that the rows of seats are already very very close together.

We decided to fly from Bali Denpasar to Jakarta. We really regretted the fact that we had chosen Lion Air. The flight time was just 1 hour and 55 minutes. Sounds not really long but with my size the seat became relatively quickly uncomfortable and my knees hurt.

We are still alive!

Another horror was that we were about 40 minutes on the tarmac until we could finally take off. In itself, the airline can for this nothing, but the air conditioner did not work was a bit too much of a good thing. Many of the older passengers have already got a circulatory collapse on the tarmac. One must imagine here simply that one with approximately 32 degrees outside temperature sun purely and a very high humidity in an airplane was locked, which simply did not want to become cooler. I honestly did not know such an experience at all, since one rather always freezes than sweats with international and national flights in Europe. It was definitely an exciting and new event for me.

When we finally took off, it also finally got a bit cooler in the plane and the passengers’ circuits could recover a bit. In itself, the flight was quiet and we then landed safely after about 2 hours and 40 minutes on the plane at the airport in Jakarta.

Baggage claim was also speedy and no bags were lost along the way. So if you are not prone to high temperatures and the associated (likely) technical failures and not too tall. Can one calmly once Lion Air try.

Mir made just only the fact, defective air conditioning, during the flight something consider. Because if the technology here already does not work – does this work then in general with the airplane?

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