Flying with TAP Airlines – a field report

Our experience with TAP Airlines

After 11.5 months in South and Central America, it was really time to say adios to the South American continent. Our flight was to go from Sao Paulo via Lisbon to Munich . The first part of the flight should last 9 hours which should bring us to the European mainland, the second part of the flight then went from Lisbon directly to Munich.  We have paid for the flight per person and luggage a total of 370 euros.

Our choice of return flight this time fell on the airline TAP. We didn’t really know the airline yet, but have actually only ever seen them standing around at airports. Before we had booked, we have of course still informed about the airline whether service and security are in order. Since TAP Airlines is a European airline from Portugal, the safety precautions and standards are of course higher than those of South American airlines. The airline has been in existence since 1945 and has its headquarters in Lisbon. Currently, TAP Airlines has 106 aircraft in operation that offer domestic, international and intercontinental flights. Im 2016, a total of almost 12 million passengers have flown with TAP Airlines through the world. 

Check-in and booking of the flight with TAP Airlines

We booked the flight through a flight search engine. It was very quick and we received our e-ticket within a few minutes. On this e-ticket was the booking number, which could be used to log in to TAP Airlines. 

On Skyscanner we were shown that should be free luggage when booking. When we had logged into TAP Airlines, however, that was no longer displayed. We have of course then immediately nachgehackt, but no one could help us here. After we but the cheapest rate had taken it was also no longer possible to upgrade, so that we then had to book per person for 75 euros each baggage again. Somehow a very disappointing experience. 

When we checked in at the Sao Paulo airport everything went relatively easy, since we had already checked in online before we only had to drop off our luggage. The ladies at the counter spoke very good English and were very friendly.

However, was simply this pain again 75 euros for the luggage extra to have paid although here with the reservation no reference was.

Flying with TAP Airlines

After boarding was very fast and expeditious we were able to take off on time, as planned. On board we got a blanket and a pillow, we had a seat on the center aisle, since each seat selection would have cost another 35 euros. Next to Martina an older gentleman, next to Max a teenager who wanted to take advantage of the wine flat rate. While the cabin was darkened and we wanted a few times water at night we had to wait until 20 minutes for the flight staff, which pushed us very rude and annoyed a glass of water in the hand. On the food was distributed without verve and fully annoyed, a second glass we got annoyed in the hand. The staff was really disappointing (on two different flights). Many of the announcements were partly made only in Portuguese – which is really a cheek for an international flight.

The entertainment system had good movies, which made our flight time a little easier.

View through the cabin of TAP Airlines
View through the cabin of our flight with entertainment system

Summary TAP Airlines – our experience

Our experience with TAP Airlines was rather mixed. The staff was not very friendly during the flight although we had 2 different crews, each time we had the feeling that the board staff does not really like to do their job. Comparing the friendliness and authenticity of the crew with Condor or Eurowings TAP Airlines definitely lands on the last place. The planes are nice and modern the check-in went flawlessly. Besides the board staff and the lack of humanity an airline that you can use in an emergency already once.

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