Flying with Vietjet – a field report

In Vietnam it was once again time to try a new airline. After we had actually always traveled with AirAsia in Southeast Asia so far and that had always worked out very well, we decided to fly from Phu Quoc and the Epizode Festivalto Ho Chi Minh City with Vietjet. 

The booking of the flight

We booked the flight about 1 month in advance. After our e-visa for Vietnam was approvedt and we were sure we were allowed into the country. As always, we looked through and Skyscanner to see which flight would work for the route and at that time

Vietjet had the cheapest connection between Phu Quoc Airport and Ho Chi Minh City International Airport. The flight should take about 45 minutes. We booked the flight directly via the homepage of Vietjet. Incl. luggage for the two tickets 94.14 USD were due. Each had thus still 20 KG checked baggage in this tariff inclusive. 

After about 4 weeks we received an email with an attachment. We were puzzled since it said in the email that our flight should not go at 10:30, but now all of a sudden by a flight schedule change at 7:30. We then informed us on some pages and quickly found that it can come in Vietnam apparently more often once to flight changes, we have this change then so accepted and then went very early to the airport.

The check-in 

The check-in at the airport was extremely fast and friendly.We had already arrived at Phu Quoc airport 2 hours before departure and had to wait only a few minutes until our check-in counter opened and processed us. Although we had not done an online check-in and we also did not have a printout available, the lady checked us including luggage very quickly and we were able to go through the security area.

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The boarding

The boarding of the flight was quicker and without chaos than it had been in a long time. Boarding also started very punctually and it took only a few minutes until all passengers were at their seats. The crew, which helped the passengers on the plane, was extremely friendly and helpful also spoke for Vietnamese conditions very clear English. After all passengers were on board the A320-214, it also went very quickly with the security briefings. This was demonstrated quite classically at the aisle.

The Flight

After the safety instructions were shown, we also went to the runway and the Airbus A320 swung into the air. After takeoff, the pilot told us briefly what weather would await us in Ho Chi Minh and some details about the flight. During the flight, some drinks were offered at fair prices.A Dosa Cola there was already for 30,000 VDN what corresponds to about 1.15 euros. The 45 minutes passed as in flight and after a soft landing we were also already arrived in Ho Chi Minh City.

Our conclusion flying with Vietjet

Except for the unwanted postponement of the flight with Vietjet by a whole 3 hours into the morning, the experience with the airline was not bad. What struck us particularly positively was the fact that the check-in and baggage drop-off was less chaotic than with other low-cost airlines. The ladies at the counter of the international airport in Phu Quoc were very experienced and quickly checked us in (even without prior online check-in) and received the checked baggage. The flight was without significant incidents and the Vietjet plane was in good shape. Therefore, we can only recommend Vietjet to everyone

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