Flying with Vietnam Airlines – a field report

After the train journey from Saigon to Huế but it was relatively exhausting we decided to fly from Huế to Hanoi by plane. So we booked our flight from Huế to Hanoi with Vietnam Airlines relatively at short notice.

Booking the flight

We booked the flight through Skyscanner. The booking was then made via The e-ticket with the reservation number was sent to us by email within a few minutes. After a short test whether the airline had stored this in the system, we had booked a flight for 2 people incl. 23 KG free baggage allowance from Huế to Hanoi for 56.80 euros.

The check in

The check-in at Vietnam Airlines was probably the most taciturn check in our trip around the world so far. We lay the IDs and said “Good Morning” came back from the lady at the check-in counter in Vietnam Airlines nothing. We waited when the staff typed something into their PC and then indicated with a hand sign that we should please put our luggage on the belt. After they disappeared into the vastness of the airport, the employee gave us our tickets without saying a word and gave us to recognize without words that we were now finished here. Thanks for the nice conversation!

Check In Counter of Vietnam Airlines

Boarding at Vietnam Airlines

Boarding was relatively easy – but for no reason the boarding gate did not open until when we should actually already be in the air. The staff called the flight via an automatic announcement we stood in line, after a few minutes we were already on the plane and in our seats. However, since there was no gateway at Huế airport, we were taken to the plane by bus.

Here we waited 30 minutes for boarding

The flight

The flight was not a special flight. The legroom in the plane was rather tight and Max with his 1.80 meters didn’t really know where to put his knees. After the board staff had played through the safety instructions by automatic announcement (English and German), we went to the tarmac and we started our flight in an Airbus A321-231 . We started 30 minutes later than planned. So instead of 10:25 we were in the air at 10:55.

Rather “little!” Legroom

During the flight there was free water, Cola or Coke Zero, no other options were available. The drinks were served in paper cups. After a flight time of 50 minutes we landed at Hanoi airport without any turbulence.

Our conclusion – Vietnam Airlines experience report

What really surprised us at Vietnam Airlines was how few of the airline’s staff speak a few words of English. Most of the staff we dealt with at the airport barely spoke to us because they probably didn’t speak English. Of course it was a national flight in Vietnam, but as an airline employee you should be able to speak at least a tiny bit of English to deal with problems and inquiries. Another minus point was the unfounded delay for which no apology was given. Boarding started only when depatrure was more than due. The flight crew ignored this fact. Vietnam Airlines is definitely a cheap option if you want to get from A to B including luggage in Vietnam – but the service is rather poor, as the staff at the airport, as already mentioned, don’t speak a word of English. Hence our conclusion: Cheap option to get from A to B if you can live with delays and little service.

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