Highlight in Taipeh – Raohe Night Market

When in Taipei, there is no way around one of the great Night Markets. The Night Markets in the metropolis of millions are hubs for locals, tourists, chefs and people looking for a culinary experience. 

However, these Night Markets are very different from the markets we have experienced so far in Asia. Here it runs very orderly and you are not overwhelmed by various strange smells. Here it smells delicious,the interaction with each other is relaxed and cozy and it is really taken time for the food and each individual customer. Whether you are looking for vegetarian specialties or just a super tasty soup, here at the Night Market you will find it. An experience that one, if one travels through Taiwan, must not miss!

How to get to Raohe Night Market?

Taipei has a very good MRT network. Here you can get from A – B very cheaply and it is set up in a very understandable way. You pay exactly for the route you want to go and choose the number of people, here you do not need a recharge card to even enter the city’s public transport. Therefore, it is probably easiest and cheapest to use the MRT network. The station is Songshan which is accessible via the Songshan-Xindian Line (green line) should be your destination here to get to the Raohe Night Market. (Please look for exit 5 here)

Another option is to simply explore the city on foot. Taipei has excellent sidewalks and you can explore the entire city on foot without any problems. Therefore, we recommend you this option or would prefer this option to the MRT network.

However, if you don’t feel like using public transportation, you can simply order an UBER and use it to quickly get from A to B in Taipei.

What to expect at Raohe Night Market?

Known as Rahoe Night Market or Raohe Street Night Market  the market is one of the top night markets here in Taipei. The market is one of the oldest night markets in Taipei. You can find a large number of different stalls on the 600 meters long Raohe Street. Here you can find a mix of great food, groceries, everyday items or even some of the very popular arcades. 

We recommend you to explore the market on your own and walk quietly once up and down. Since you will hardly find any crowds here, the market is also perfect for an evening stroll with an extraordinary atmosphere. 

Is it worth a visit?

Here we can only pronounce a resounding “yes.” We have been so enthusiastic about the Night Market that we have visited it a few times for a good dinner. However, you should be aware that the prices are sometimes relatively high. As cheap as in Thailand or Bali, you can no longer eat street food here, but the food also looks much more appetizing and healthier than in Southeast Asia.

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