Our humid accommodation in Cartagena and our first experiences with Airbnb Support

Our first experience with Airbnb support

Today was a great day, ok basically it was actually an annoying day, but it was a great day for Airbnb Support.

After flying with Copa Airlines from Panama City to Cartagena we were really looking forward to our accommodation in downtown Cartagena. Already the cab ride there inspired us very much because the city was simply a little place like from the picture book.

We reserved our accommodation in Cartagenaabout 3 weeks before on Airbnb. With air conditioning and good internet, just the way we like it of course!

The check-in was already a little more difficult, because the gatekeeper unfortunately had not received any information fromour host that we arrive. Well the problem could be solved after a few minutes by countless calls. Finally we were in our accommodation and as you can see in the photos it was quite respectable, the Internet worked well and the room was nice and bright.

A very nice room that unfortunately didn’t quite live up to our expectations.

After we still had nothing to eat at noon it was time to look for something edible in Cartagena, before we left the room we had turned on the air conditioning because it was really really hot and humid.

After we came back to the apartmentnot a little water was dripping from the air conditioner. The entire floor was already properly covered with water. The water dripped but not only on the floor, but also over the receiver and also the TV which hung on the wall. Martina was then so smart and threw a water-repellent picnic blanket that she always has with her over the TV.

We tried to fight the water somehow…
The evil air conditioner!

We werea bit dumbfounded and didn’t know how to handle it at first. First we tried to reach our host but we could not reach him immediately. Then Martina went to our gatekeeper and explained the problem with a few chunks of Spanish. He also said that a technician could come on Monday. In the meantime, our host had also reported the same to us.

We call the Airbnb support hotline

With this we wanted and could not live – the room was damp, the wall was damp, the air felt 33 degrees, it was just not what we had expected and paid for. As we decided without further ado now once the emergency hotline of Airbnb to try.

We found the hotline after clicking through Airbnb and some help forums. The number to call for problems with active bookings for German users is +49 30 30 80 83 80.

Since the German-language hotline around 1 o’clock (18 o’clock local time Cartagena) at night was no longer occupied we were forwarded to the English-language hotline. The call we made from our Skype account, here we always have some credit to be able to call cheaply over the Internet on German hotlines.


We were connected to a very friendly lady named Elena. She told us that she was there for us and that she would find a solution.She also contacted us by email (to this we should reply with a short video of the situation) and once by message through Airbnb’s system where we then sent various photos of the air conditioner to Airbnb support.

This is what it looks like when you get a message from Airbnb Support

After we sent through all the photos and videos we needed, Elena called our host directly and gave them a ultimatum that they had 30 minutes to find a solution.

We were already clear at this moment, that there is probably no quick solution here we – since we have already been put off to Monday.

After 30 minutes we received only another message via WhatsApp received that it was not possible before Sunday noon to fix the problem Airbnb support contacted us again via the message function. function.

Thanks to Airbnb Support

Elena said that she now provides us with some apartments to choose from we could book. The already paid money at the other Accommodation would be offset us with it and we would additionally as a Compensation again 40% on top.

We had yes already also with the Booking.com service and support to do the However no solution has parat – here we had to go over Barclaycard to get our money back. If you are interested in the topic with the fraud about Booking.com you can read it here with pleasure once. Therefore, we have been very grateful that it worked so quickly and smoothly with the Airbnb support had.

After we had found a accommodation in the same house which offered internet and air conditioning we only had to request the booking which was also confirmed after a few minutes. At the reception as we had picked up our key knew one also already about the case and we were received very friendly.

As we were checked into the room was from the Airbnb support even asked again if everything had worked!

Overall, the support of Airbnb, could help us quickly and goal-oriented. Elena has tried to find a good solution for us as tenants and for the host – however, this was unfortunately due to the situation and time of day (Saturday 18.00 clock) not so quickly possible.

Support direct comparison Airbnb vs. Booking

Now we’ve dealt with Airbnb support once and Booking.com support once. And we quickly came up with our clear winner. Airbnb really helps renters and also has the ability to quickly cancel funds again or push them to other accounts since everything goes through the Airbnb platform.

Our experience with Airbnb support has been very positive!

Booking.com, on the other hand, is only an intermediary platform that unfortunately does not allow such processes. Means if a hotel or a fraudster once money from your credit card charged you must come about receipts and proof of your credit card companies to the money, since Booking.com only as a mediator auftreten.

Since such processes through credit card institutions are very complex and it requires a lot of patience and phone calls here Airbnb is definitely the more convenient solution in case of problems. Thanks again to the super support.

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