Thailand vacation: interesting facts about the popular kingdom

Thailand attracts a lot of travel enthusiasts with its tropical climate, wonderful temples and exciting cuisine. Regions like Bangkok cast a spell over you with its very own charm. We have summarized in this article what tourists must pay attention to, which travel time is the best, and what else vacationers should know about the country.

This is the best time to travel in Thailand

The Asian country has a very special climate. It differs depending on the vacation area. Basically, you can divide the Thailand map into two climate zones. In northern Thailand, no sea awaits visitors, but Pai and Mae Hong Son charm with mountainous and green landscape. Beautiful views, mountain tribes and impressive temples await. Who wants to visit the north, makes it best between November and February. Thanks to the northwest monsoon then prevail more bearable temperatures than in the rest of the time. In the south of Thailand there is no monsoon, so the weather conditions are also much more stable. Valued cities such as Phuket are highly rated by tourists – not least because of their proximity to beaches on the Andaman Sea. The best time to travel to the south of the kingdom is between November and March.

Pack the right clothes

The Thailand vacation is characterized high temperatures. Therefore, loose clothing with fine fibers is best. For the Thai people, a well-groomed appearance is particularly important. They not infrequently judge people by their well-groomed appearance. If you show too much skin on the beach or in the city, you may get horrified looks. If you want to visit one of the wonderful temples, you must not wear shorts. Knees and shoulders must be covered namely. In some temples, even closed footwear is mandatory. 

Which shoes are suitable for a trip around the world we once researched and worked out for you here

The currency in Thailand

What about currency in the popular tourist destination? The Thai baht is around 36 THB to one euro. Most vacationers take euro bills with them on their trip and then try to exchange the money locally. However, it may make sense to take your Mastercard or EC card with you. Also with the American Express we have made good experiences. Then the money can be withdrawn at the ATMs on site in the appropriate currency – depending on the exchange rate. Caution: Often fees are required for each withdrawal.

Watch out: Tourists in Thailand had better refrain

A visit to the gigantically large market in Bangkok and thereby comfortably smoke an e-cigarette?This is not a good idea, because the these cigarettes are just as prohibited in Thailand as the purchase of shisha accessories. Cautious tourists should also deal with the camera. One should never point one’s own photo camera at the people living there without being asked. They perceive this as particularly cheeky and disrespectful. Especially when it comes to eating locals or meditating monks understand the Thais no joke. Who nevertheless wants to make a nice picture, should ask friendly and approach the matter with the necessary sensitivity.

The Thai people are still attached to their old king. Many rituals pay respect to him and his family. Tourists should not refuse community rituals and join in if necessary to show respect. Those who do not wish to do so are, of course, not forced and can also decline with thanks. The current king causes distrust in many parts of the country. By no means all Thais are satisfied with him. Nevertheless, political talks should not necessarily be a topic in conversation with your local. For this there are fortunately also plenty of other exciting topics.

Traveling through Thailand alone as a woman: Is it dangerous?

A woman traveling alone across wonderful Thailand? Surely that’s dangerous, right? No. The people in Thailand are some of the most hospitable and helpful in the world. Over 90 percent of the people are Buddhists and are open-minded towards strangers simply because of religious beliefs. Of course, you don’t have to push your luck and wander the back streets of Bangkok alone at night as a young woman – but maybe you shouldn’t have to do that in Cologne, Hamburg or Berlin.

Thailand entry: What to look out for?

To enter the Kingdom, a visa for tourist purposes is required. Entry can be made on various semi-commercial flights operated by airlines such as Emirates, Etihad Airways or Thai Airways. Currently, tourists need a special permit from the Thai mission abroad to enter the country.Due to the current pandemic, Thailand vacationers must undergo strict quarantine for 14 days upon arrival at their own expense and undergo multiple Covid-19 tests. The country declared a state of emergency in November 2020. Tourists need to be aware that all their movement will be documented and monitored.

This is currently subject to change on a regular basis. For the latest entry requirements, see the State Department page.

Thailand vacation: electricity and cell phones

The Thailand map provides many wonderful vacation spots. But what about actually using the smartphone? For this it is worth to buy a Thai card (prepaid). Internet cafes exist on all islands and in the cities. WLAN is offered in almost all hotels in the kingdom and is usually free. Just as with us also flows in Thailand 220 volts alternating current. But since most sockets are not suitable for German plugs, it is worthwhile to take an adapter with you on your trip.

What about crime in the country?

As in all other tourist-heavy vacation destinations, you have to deal with petty crime like thefts in Thailand as well. Robberies are also part of it and become problems in the strongholds. However, it should be noted that 98 percent of the crimes are disputes between tourists. The security authorities are doing everything to make the cities of the kingdom safer. This, of course, is in their own interests. Basically, the crime series is not greater than in our country. Because local police officers have repeatedly cooperated with gangs in the past and therefore failed to crack down in some situations, the government now relies on a so-called “Tourist Police”. These are particularly reliable and good policemen and policewomen who are there to help and advise when Thailand vacationers have a problem. They can be reached in Thailand under the telephone number 1155.

Conclusion: Thailand is one of the most fascinating destinations on our planet. If you pay attention to some things, you will surely have an unforgettable vacation in the kingdom.

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