The best steak in Argentina? The best steak of my life!

Admittingly many vegans and vegetarians will now scold me because I write a contribution about a piece of meat for which a beef her life had to leave. However, I stand by the fact that I eat carnivore and also now and then a good piece of meat or in this case steak eat.

Martina eats vegetarian for many years – I myself, however, do not want to give up the pleasure of meat and therefore I wished for our 300 day on the world trip a visit to a good or the best steakhouse in Buenos Aires.  After eternal research and many posts where there is the best steak here in Buenos Aires I came across La Cabrera in the district Palermo.

There is a lot of discussion at this restaurant. Many of the visitors love the high-quality meat and the super service – but some also think that it is very touristy and overpriced. Immediately one thing taken in advance – the price for a 700 g Dry Aged Beef was not even 30 euros including side dishes. For the Argentinean conditions, the steak is probably already very expensive but in direct comparison with German steak restaurants a gift! Therefore, I can not confirm that the price for the quality of the meat is overpriced.

La Cabrera is not only known for its excellent steaks and other grilled specialties but also for a excellent wine selection. So if you’re into good wine, you’re sure to find the right wine to go with your Argentine steak.

700 g Dry Aged Beef on the bone in the test

The menu has a very good selection of different steaks. Whether you just want a rib eye or you want a wagyu filet, La Cabrera has the right steak for everyone. I decided for the 28 euro expensive 700 g Dry Aged Beef on the bone – if one is already once in Argentina one would like to try the best meat which is also specific for the respective country.

The waiter served the steak on a board and a hot plate – with on the board were pepper and salt, BBQ sauce and a Chille mayonnaise – but I did not need the sauces. The meat is neatly draped in front of the diners eye and then placed in front of them. The design and presentation and service are very appealing and really fun! I ordered the sbeautiful steak from La Cabrera in medium – I got it in medium, of course. The crust nice and crisp and the Argentine beef wonderfully juicy. The aroma alone made a steak lover’s mouth water.

Taste-wise, the steak could totally convince me. It was definitely the best steak I had eaten so far and I had already eaten many steaks. Besides loving a good gin, I loved enjoying high quality BBQ and eating great steaks.

Admittedly, the steak messed me up a bit, too. It’s like with the original Wiener Schnitzel – once eaten a real Wiener Schnitzel and already you can eat no more Schnitzel in Germany. Of course there are also good steaks in Germany – but this steak from Buenos Aires has set the bar very high. very far above.

Is there anything for vegetarians at La Cabrera?

Since Martina as already mentioned vegetarian diet I tried to find a steak restaurant in Buenos Aires that of course also offers vegetarian dishes in addition to the side dishes. Martina was found in La Cabrera and there was for her for about 11 euros homemade pasta with dried and fresh tomatoes – which she will eat tonight again for dinner because the portions were so huge that 2 more people would have been full with our food.

Details about La Cabrera


Cabrera 5099, Palermo

Buenos Aires

View of the front guest room

Note: It is not a sponsored post or anything like that but just a recommendation for all who love good meat!

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