The Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park

Malaysia has a national butterfly. The cute animal is called Trogonoptera brookiana in Latin and is a member of the damselfly family. 

If you want to see it or its fluttering family live, you can do so in Kuala Lumpur at the Taman Rama-rama Butterfly Park

We visited the park and tell you what to expect below. 

Where is Taman Rama-rama Butterfly Park and how to get there?

The Taman Rama-rama Butterfly Park is as the crow flies pretty much 3 km from the Petronas Towers. It’s a good walk, but you should remember to bring sufficient sunscreen, and there are a few places without a decent pavement. By car it is about 6 km from the Petronas Towers. Be sure to avoid the typical rush hour traffic on this route.

 Taman Rama-rama Butterfly Park is located in an area together with the Bird Park, Botanical Gardens, an Orchid Garden and other small parks and museums. 

You can get there easily on foot, by Grab (app, kind of like UBER), by taxi or by the elevated Rapid Rail – Kelana Jaya Line getting off at Pasar Seni

The entrance to the butterfly park is quite unimposing

What to see at Taman Rama-rama Butterfly Park in Kuala Lumpur?

The butterfly park has an area of almost 7500m². The largest part of it is occupied by the outdoor aviary. On ‘just about the area of a football field’ there are numerous tropical plants and, depending on the season, around 5000 native butterflies flutter through this free-flight area. A stream with fish and a waterfall runs through this area. In the heat, many of the butterflies prefer to doze on the green net that separates the park from the outdoor area, rather than buzzing around the tourists all the time. Nevertheless, there are always many active butterflies and with a little patience you can also get beautiful pictures of the nimble little creatures.

Also in the outdoor area there are some aquariums. These look a bit sad and could definitely be bigger for the fish in them. 

After the outdoor area, you come to asmall insectarium inside the house. Here are still some rather unsightly terrariums with spiders, centipedes, grasshoppers, beetles and scorpions. There are also many slightly yellowed diagrams with explanations of various butterflies, their development from caterpillar to pupa to imago, and various insects in general. 

After this tour  you come to the souvenir shop. Here you get the usual tant. However, it also gets a bit spooky, because you can buy many of the cute animals dried and impaled in a picture frame or cast in synthetic resin. Since all the butterflies in these exhibits look absolutely flawless, one can assume that freshly hatched specimens are killed somewhere on a grand scale for this purpose. 

At the exit there is a small sitting area. Here you can have cold drinks and ice cream. 

What to look out for at Taman Rama-rama Butterfly Park in Kuala Lumpur?

In the free-flight area, there is the option to sit down, but thereare no drinks to buy here. With respect for the Malaysian heat, those who want to stay a little longer should definitely bring something to drink

There are toiletsin the free flight area.

The area is only covered with a net and accordingly you get wet

when it rains.

The butterfly park is getting on in years. It’s not a big deal on the outside, but the inside is a bit run down.

Please do not wear DEET or other insect / mosquito repellents in the park. There are  some butterflies that like to land on people to lick the salt out of their sweat. On them, mosquito repellent on the skin would often  be fatal – besides, there are no mosquitoes in the park. 

In the outdoor area, the net and the streamaccumulate sultry heat. Drink enough and better go to the park in the morning when it is not yet so hot. 

For nice pictures you should bring a camera with zoom. You won’t get many butterflies with your mobile phone

Butterflies, like all animals, respond to sound and movement. So if you are quiet and stay moveless you will have more butterflies around you. 

The butterflies of the genus Trogonoptera brookiana tend to be seen in the back of the aviary. Often they hang directly from the net or in the shaded aisle. 

The Trogonoptera like to hang on the net
Also popular is the shaded walkway

Our verdict on Taman Rama-rama Butterfly Park in Kuala Lumpur: 

The outdoor area is absolutely worth seeing for those who love butterflies. Those who want beautiful photos of butterflies also have a good chance of taking a nice snapshot or two here. 

We personally really liked the butterflies and the free-flight aviary. We found the indoor area quite bland. The exhibits are exciting, but a renovation is urgently needed here so that it no longer looks so sterile and old-fashioned. We found the aquariums and terrariums a bit sad and also rather unnecessary. The souvenir shop is dreadful. For the entrance fee of 25 ringgit, the park is ok. 


Admission price: 25 ringgit for foreigners per person (approx. 6€)

Address: Jalan Cenderawasih, Tasik Perdana, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Opening Hours: Daily 9-17:30

Public transport: Station Pasar Seni

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