The most beautiful islands of the Philippines

When looking for a picturesque destination with dream beaches, turquoise seas and unique landscapes, there is no way around the Philippines. More than 7,000 fabulous Philippines islands form an unparalleled spectacle of volcanoes, hidden beaches, bustling metropolises, abundant wildlife and an inviting exotic culture. 

While only just under 3,000 of the enchanting islands even bear a name and fewer than 800 are inhabited and can be visited, globetrotters are spoiled for choice. Whether it’s for surfing, scuba diving, relaxing or simply exploring the South Asian idyll, the Philippines is worth every trip. In this post, we invite travel enthusiasts therefore to discover the most beautiful islands of the Philippines with us. 

Philippines Made Easy

In order not to lose the overview with this overwhelming offer it offers itself to divide the numerous islands into three island groups. Luzon, Visaya and Mindanao divide this natural paradise into clearly arranged travel areas. In Luzon, the island of the same name, Palawan and Mindoro are particularly attractive. Visaya impresses with beautiful islands like Cebo, Bohol and Siquijor. And Mindanao attracts with the incredible Sulu Archipelago. 

Luzon | Luzon

As the largest of the Philippines islands, Luzon captivates with incredible diversity and plenty of entertainment. Meanwhile, next to the national capital Manila, Luzon offers an indescribable mix of culture, history and nature. If you want to make your stay in the Philippines as variable as possible, you can not only visit museums, churches and numerous restaurants, but also the unique rice terraces of Banaue are worth a visit. In 1995, UNESCO declared just these lush green mountain terraces a World Heritage Site. 

However, travelers should not miss a trip to the beautiful Mount Pulag National Park or a visit to the breathtaking suspension bridges of Masungi Nature Reserve.  

Palawan | Luzon

Palawan describes the paradise dreamed of for many travelers. Fairytale bays, snow-white beaches, turquoise waters and picturesque villages like Port Barton make the island one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines. Especially for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts, a visit to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park near Sabang is worthwhile. Globetrotters can explore the magical underground rivers here by canoe. Alternatively, there are numerous opportunities for snorkeling, kayaking and diving. 

If you fall in love with the Philippines during your time on Palawan, you can also book one of the numerous island-hopping tours in northern El Nido to discover this paradise in detail. 

Beach in El Nido
View over El Nido beach

Boracay | Luzon

Boracay has been considered the jewel of the Philippines islands for years. And not without reason. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches in the region. At the same time, the island also attracts visitors underwater with a colorful world of fish, corals and magical wrecks. 

Nevertheless, not only divers and water sports enthusiasts get their money’s worth on Boracay. Also for golfing, paragliding or hiking a visit to this dream island is worthwhile. Snow-white sandy beach, turquoise blue water and breathtaking sunsets included. 

Calamian group of islands (Coron and Busuanga) 

North of El Nido and Palawan, the Philippines await visitors from all over the world with an unforgettable panorama. Dream beaches and beautiful lagoons invite you to relax and unwind. Both the Twin Lagoon and the Barracuda Lake represent only some of the highlights in this region. 

Siquijor | Visaya

This small island is a true natural paradise. In addition to gorgeous beaches and an incomparable underwater world, there is also plenty to discover outside the bright blue waters. Especially the Lugnason or Cambugahay waterfalls and the butterfly garden of the island enchant every visitor. Especially for individual travelers in search of seclusion and relaxation Siquijor is the right address. 

Bantayan | Visaya

Bantayan – northeast of Cebu – also captivates with tranquility and beach idyll. Extensive walks, relaxing moments and hardly any tourism are part of the standard program here. 

Cebu | Visaya

Just as on Luzon, visitors to Cebu can expect a colorful mix of culture, history and, of course, impressive nature. While the capital of the same name is considered the birthplace of Christianism, numerous churches invite visitors especially in the midday heat. But also outside the lively island capital there is no time for boredom. In addition to the Kawasan Waterfalls, a visit to the highest elevation – Osmeña Peak – promises to take everyone’s breath away. 

It is especially popular to rent a scooter on Cebu and explore the island on your own. Discover the unique nature as well as the authentic island life, enjoy unforgettable trekking and visit the dense sardine shoals off the coast of Moalboal. 

Bohol | Visaya

On Bohol, Philippines fans will find arguably the country’s most famous sight – the Chocolate Hills. Coupled with the well-known Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary, tourists flock to this wonderful island to also meet the country’s signature tarsiers k. Nevertheless, there are also opportunities on Bohol to escape the general onslaught of travelers. One of the best opportunities for this, meanwhile, is the Anda region in the southeastern tip of the island, with white dream beaches and hidden caves.  

Dumaluan Beach aerial view
View over Bohol beach

Negros | Visaya

In contrast to Bohol, Negros so far presents itself as a real insider tip.In the midst of the better-known islands of Cebu, Bohol and Siquijor, only a few tourists are currently shifting to the island paradise. But just here travelers have the chance to dive and snorkel undisturbed. Especially the south of the island attracts with an indescribable underwater world, which even experienced divers will not forget so quickly again.

Siargao | Mindanao

For those visiting the Philippines in search of the right waves to surf, Siargao is the place to be. Away from tourist crowds, not only impressive waves and paradisiacal beaches attract here, but a touch of the real Philippines. So here, besides sporting activities, it is also worth trying the local delicacies and discovering the surrounding nature! While Mindanao itself is considered rather unsafe, Siargao has long since become an insider tip among backpackers and surfers. Traveling here is considered particularly safe. 

Beach in the Philippines
A beach of Siargao

Our conclusion

Regardless of how much time is available for a trip to the Philippines and which of the islands you choose, one thing is certain — your trip will set new standards. And even though it’s worth combining several of the islands in typical island hopping, you should take your time for this corner of the world. In some circumstances, less is more. Relax and let yourself be completely taken in by the Philippines. Such a paradise wants to be enjoyed to the fullest.  However, there is a downer that we do not want to leave unconsidered here – people usually do not deal with nature sustainably, throw anchors in living reefs, everywhere is garbage to be found and you constantly have the feeling that the people of the Philippines do not know what they may call a great piece of earth their home.


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