The saddest and most terrible cities on our world travel

When you prepare for your annual vacation, you usually choose the most beautiful parts of the world to escape the daily grind. On a trip around the world, it looks a little different. On our world trip, we have now traveled through 23 countries and have visited some places that have burned into our memory. Unfortunately, not from a positive point of view…

Generally, when traveling to new countries, we try to give every place and every country the chance to show itself as it really is on the ground. We have no prejudices and also look at cities from which other travelers have often advised us against. For some places we can say “Yes, you were right, this place is not worth a trip” but for many places we have never regretted visiting them. We are not travel bloggers who only report about the beautiful sides of the world. We tell of our travels as we have actually experienced this

In this post we just do not want to report, like many other travel bloggers, about the beauty, but rather about the cities that have left a lasting negative impression on us and that we would not visit again in any case.

Kingston – Jamaica

The worst and most horrible city we have visited on our world trip is probably Kingston in Jamaica. There are many great songs, people and artists that come from Jamaica, however, this impression of Kingston cannot be reciprocated.  

As usual, we walked the streets of Kingston and explored the city on our own. After the first day, however, we decided to leave our cell phones in the apartment, as our host here had advised us against walking the streets with a smartphone. 

The streets of Kingston are really dirty. On many corners it smells like urine and you are approached and begged by many people very directly. Every second person tries to bring his grass to the man in a very rough way. Even when we walked together hand in hand through Kingston Martina was called sentences like “Hey Whitey, come here”  

Also, we were approached by many severely confused people. One said to us that his mother wanted to kill him. Kingston was a city in which we had not felt comfortable at any minute. We were glad when we could finally leave Kingston again. Culinary Kingston is limited to large parts on Jerk Chicken and Seafood. 

San Pedro Sula – Honduras

On our trip from Guatemala City to Utila, in order not to spend 22 hours busing through dangerous areas, we had to stay one night in San Pedro Sula. In total, we had 18 hours of stay in the second largest city of Honduras. The city has about 710,000 inhabitants. When we arrived at the airport in San Pedro Sula, we quickly got into conversation with other travelers. The other travelers said that they are in the city more often for professional reasons and they would strongly advise us not to visit the city. On the question why they advised us here so urgently from it, they pointed to the heavily armed security guards who kept watch at the doors of the airport. When we then went through the exit, the security personnel also said to us that we should definitely not go on the streets at night. We took an official cab, which was assigned to us by the staff. Also the driver stressed again that would rather stay in the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel, we looked at each other incredulously and wondered if this stopover was really necessary. We followed the advice of the people and just visited the city from the car window. What we noticed but even here very clearly, was the fact that very many firearms were to be seen with people.

Manila – Philippines

As we write the text right now we are in Manila. We hear relatively few good things about Manila, but we still wanted to give this city a chance.

Many of the people you meet in everyday life are very friendly and also actively seek conversation, however Manila also has its downsides. We always try to explore a city on foot to get our own impression and we felt really uncomfortable in Manila 

If one drives by car through the city one does not really notice the poverty, thereby it looks then unfortunately immediately completely different to foot. At regular intervals you see people lying on the side of the road,drunk mothers put their children on tourists, to beg them and the loud and crashing cars drive past you, it smells of urine. At the individual houses are armed security guards, you hear sirens every few minutes and before each door of a better house you are screened for weapons. It’s an experience to spare.

San Jose – Costa Rica

San Jose in Costa Rica was our first port of call in Costa Rica and a real tragedy. The town seems dirty and gritty, and there aren’t really any paths for pedestrians. Thus we have from our hotel the. Highway to cross to be able to come at all in the city center. 

The city itself consists largely of countless fast food places – great restaurants don’t really exist in San Jose, unfortunately. If one arrives in San Jose, one asks oneself directly, where the beautiful nature of Costa Rica remained of those the travel agencies and advertisements always speak.


We have found San Jose in Costa Rica to be a very desolate and ugly place.

We had to cross this highway when we wanted to get from the hotel to the city!

David – Panama

Another city we had visited just for transit was the city of David in Panama. A city you probably don’t plan as a central destination and therefore actually not that often found in travelogues. David has about 125,000 inhabitants. All in all, we had 24 hours in the city until a bus was supposed to take us further to Panama City.

The city itself is desolate, dirty and you have few options to find something edible. The majority of all restaurants in David are Chinese owned. Once you have chosen a restaurant, however, the tragedy only begins. You sit there and eat your food and every 2 minutes you are begged by another beggar whether you would not have money for him.We want to spend a beggar then a meal, but he had refused. 

The tone on the street is generally very rough and loud. There are a lot of loud cars falling on the streets of David and you are shouted at the top of your voice every few meters if you don’t want to buy anything (from underpants to drugs, there was really everything here). After our 24 hours stay in David we were happy when we sat in our connecting bus further to Panama City.

La Paz – Bolivia

La Paz differs from the other 5 cities in that the city itself is charming, however the fact that you are moving between 3,600 – 4,200 meters is very strenuous and you regularly have to deal with headaches. The acclimatization to this altitude is for us flatland Europeans not as easy as you think. So one has permanently the feeling to suffer from a slight altitude sickness, as well as the shortness of breath, which is a constant companion in these heights.

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