The Sky Bridge in Langkawi – field report with photos

The Sky Bridge is an observation platform on the island of Langkawi, which belongs to Malaysia. The platform lies in the middle of the island between two mountains curved spanned and is in its form therefore a cable-stayed bridge. However, it does not serve as a traffic route. It is 125 meters long, 1.8 meters wide and just under 700 meters above sea level.   

  • Opening hours: regular daily 9:30am – 7:00pm
  • Opening hours vary frequently due to events and maintenance.You can find the daily opening hours here.
  • Address: 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
  • Admission and tickets: Admission standard 85 MYR per adult + 6 MYR for the Nature Walk or 12 MYR for the Sky Glider. Combination tickets with other attractions, such as a motion cinema, are available.
  • Height: 660 meters
  • Length:  125meters
  • Width: 1.8 meters

Our visit to the Sky Bridge on Langkawi on 11/19

In the following, we would like to share with you a brief experience report of what to expect at and on the Sky Bridge in Langkawi.  We, that were during the visit of the Skybridge Max and Martina of Travelgrapher supported by our also travel-experienced friends Steffi and Jens (ig: @paradiespartner)

We rode scooters to the base station of the cable car that leads up to the Sky Bridge. Scooters park for free. We parked our scooters scooters at the scooter parking lot and then went in search of the entrance to the of the facility. First you have to pass through a small village, which reminds of an amusement park. reminds. In every house there is a café, souvenir stand or other store that advertises advertises with duty free goods.

After we had strolled through the houses for a few minutes had bought, we and drinks in a small snack bar.  Shortly thereafter, we finally found the cash register. We were already there in the morning shortly after the cable car started operating and it was Tuesday. Accordingly, there was not much going on yet.

Admission and cable car ride to the skybridge

We bought the basic ticket for the Sky Bridge and went to the gondola station. At the entrance we were told that we were not allowed to take the drinks we had just purchased. So we drank to excess what we had in our hands. My 1.5 liter bottle in the side compartment of the handbag overlooked the employees fortunately. But our bags were not checked either.

Our wristbands, which we had received as tickets, were scanned. Then we were allowed into the cable car station. Here there is a fastlane for people who pay more not to have to stand in line and the normal line. Both lines were still empty when we arrived. We therefore meandered through the fences until we reached two ladies who were keen to photograph us in front of a green wall. We declined first with thanks, then with some emphasis.

A photographer at the entrance of the Sky Bridge

Now we were allowed to go to the gondolas and boarded without waiting. Just before the doors of our gondola closed, a young photographer jumped into the gondola, snapped our perplexed faces, threw a note at us, and jumped off again before the door could fall into the lock. We looked after him, distraught.

The ride in the gondola was quiet. The view into the jungle on the slopes of the Sky Bridge was very beautiful. We could even make out monkeys in the trees. In addition, you can see two waterfalls from the gondola. However, the gondolas have no air conditioning and the cabins warm up even in the morning already significantly in the glaring sun of Langkawi.

After a ride of about 10 minutes, we arrived at the first viewing platform. Again, a photographer was already standing there and wanted to take pictures of us. We declined and went to the platform. From here you already have a great view over parts of the island of Langkawi.

After some photos on our part  we went back into the gondola and  again a bit further up the mountain. Here there are two viewpoints, a snack bar, a souvenir store and a stand selling padlocks. These love locks can still be engraved on site and attached to a specially designed fence on the way to the viewing platform.  There are already thousands hanging there.

Love Locks at Sky Bridge Langkawi

The two viewing platforms above the Sky Bridge offer a good view of the island, coast and islands in front of it and also of the Sky Bridge itself.

When we were about to go to the Sky Bridge, however, a surprise awaited us. The Sky Bridge was included in our ticket, but it is still about 100 meters away from the top station. To reach it, you either have the option of walking via the Nature Walk or taking a gglass inclined elevator. Both options cost extra. There is no free walk.

So, slightly miffed, we bought tickets for the Nature Walk for another 6 MYR per person.  The Nature Walk is a 200 meter long trail that curves through the forest below the Sky Bridge. The consists of poorly and unevenly high concrete steps. You don’t really see much nature here. One runs through a sparse forest, must avoid a few trees that grow diagonally across the path and on the roadside are signs that one should not feed or irritate the macaques. A few of the macaques had already been hanging around at the viewing platform. We recommend a bottle of water handy to hold, because macaques react quickly aggressive, if something does not go after her head. Fortunately, they back away when splashed with water.

After the unspectacular Nature Walk we reached another viewing platform, the bridge itself and over the bridge but again a platform. That’s where the trail ends.

The bridge is not very wide (about 1.8 meters) and swings a little under the steps the visitors due to its construction. The railing is high, but you can clearly see through it. In addition, glass panels are embedded in some places, which you can also walk on without shoes, revealing the view of the construction below.

Overall, the bridge is not for people who suffer from a fear of heights. suffer from. The view from the bridge is not very different from the view from the platforms before – Only into the canyon, over which the Bridge spans, you can look down better.

We looked around, took photos and then started our way back. Meanwhile, the top station of the cable car had already filled up with much more visitors than before. So around noon it seems to become more crowded.

Down in the valley we drank another Bubbletea in one of the Stores for 8.50 MYR. Small note on the side: The toilets in the village around the valley station cost 0.50 MYR and there is also no toilet paper (there are packets of tissues are offered for another 0.50 MYR). The toilets are Toilets unfortunately also not.  

On our way out of the park, we encountered another small group of glasses langurs – A very friendly and quiet species of monkey with expressive faces.

If you are also in the area by scooter, we recommend the local “the Roof” which is located near the airport on the road.

Overall, the visit to the Sky Bridge was a nice day trip. However, we find the price a bit too high. Especially that the way between the lift and the bridge costs extra we feel as a rip-off. However, the facility on the mountain is a unique viewing platform. You can’t get this view at any other place on the island. Whether it is worthwhile for you, you can hopefully now judge for yourself after our report.

You can also find a detailed report in our experience report about the Sky Bridge in Langkawi on YouTube


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