The Tibumana waterfall in Bali

How to get to Tibumana Waterfall

The visit to Tibumana waterfall is the part of some tours in Bali. However, if you want to visit the waterfall in peace, it is best to take a driver. A driver for a whole day including car and fuel costs about 50€ on Bali if you negotiate well. Then you can visit not only the Tibumana waterfall but also many other destinations on the island. Note that you should plan a lot of time for the city traffic, because in Denpasar and Co is always traffic jam. Also, while Bali has many usable roads from north to south, there are very few from east to west. Thus, the destinations that you can visit in one day are already significantly limited.

The entrance fee to Tibumana waterfall is 15K

Tibumana Waterfall is quite idyllically located at the end of a path through the tropical Balinese rainforest. On the approach, one drives along a beautiful palm-lined road through the rice fields. If you want classic Bali photos, you already have a good chance on the way.

The infrastructure at Tibumana Waterfall

The infrastructure on site at Tibumana Waterfall has increased significantly in recent years. At the parking lot of the waterfall there are some small restaurants. The stairs and the path to the waterfall have been renewed and newly planted. Meanwhile, the path to Tibumana Waterfall is scenically one of the most beautiful paths through the jungle that we know. Flowers bloom on the left and right of the path and you walk a few hundred meters along the river through the rainforest. It goes down some meters of stairs. Therefore, you should be good on foot – you also have to walk them back up. However, since the path is in the forest, it does not get as hot as at many other waterfalls and it is therefore much less strenuous.

At the Tibumana waterfall itself there are changing rooms, a seating area and a “lifeguard” who looks after things. However, all this is rather provisional and you still don’t really feel like you’re at a tourist spot.

Swimming at Tibumana waterfall

The waterfall itself has well washed out its riverbed and the fall edge lies in a semicircular cliff overgrown with mosses and ferns. Below the waterfall you can swim well. The shore is sandy and the water gets deeper only slowly. You can even walk behind the waterfall or stand under it if you are brave enough. In some places, however, the pool is so deep that you can no longer stand.

The left side of the pool should be avoided and a kind of lifeguard also makes sure that swimmers do not swim there. In the slope above, sand and debris is currently often loosened and falls in small portions down into the water. Whoever is hit by it will have a lot of sand in their hair in the best case, but serious injuries cannot be ruled out. When a heap of sand falls down again, the waterfall is suddenly covered in a cloud of dust for a few minutes.

Up on the left you can see the loose sand

Tourism at Tibumana Waterfall

The Tibumana waterfall is well visited. If you want to have your peace and quiet you should be here early. Most tourists come here only from about 10 o’clock. Otherwise, you should expect to share the waterfall with about 30 other visitors throughout the day. However, since the water is quite cold, most bathers stay mainly in the shallow water. With a little patience and the right angle, you can still get “lost place photos”.

Not far from Tibumana waterfall there is a small temple, where you can also bathe nicely in the river. In addition, the Pengibul waterfall is not far away. It is a little less photogenic, but still very pretty.

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