Wynwood Miami – the design district with graffiti and street art

Street Art and Graffiti in Miami

Admittedly, we have long considered whether we bring to Wynwood in Miami an independent travelogue but after we have discovered so many great graffiti and art on walls there was actually nothing else left to us than to write about Wynwood a separate experience or travelogue.

In addition toall the street art, you’ll also findgreat bars and clubs that stay open late.

The Joker, of course, can’t be missing on the streets of Wynwood!

How did Wynwood grow into the Art District?

The story of this area begins about 3 years ago (2016). Until then, the area was considered rather uncomfortable and even unsafe – you could find a lot of Puerto Ricans here – it was rather a very poor working class neighborhood that didn’t have much to present.

Since the year 2016, however, this neighborhood has been very hyped – many young and hip people are flocking to the neighborhood and putting money and time into it to keep the neighborhood growing positively. It’s a great success story that now continues to be fed by a very high momentum and continues to grow.

One of the greatest buildings in the Art District!

How to find the Design District in Miami

Once you arrive in Wynwood, the area is actually impossible to miss.You’re just assaulted by great graffiti and other street art. But where is Wynwood located anyway?

The Wynwood neighborhood is located between Interstate 95 which runs north to south and vice versa, and Interstate 195 which runs west to east and vice versa, respectively.

The neighborhood begins at NW 20th St and ends at Interstate 195 to Miami Beach. The eastbound boundary is defined by a rail line.
In total, over 70 galleries and museums of art have located in this Miami neighborhood.

If you want to travel directly to the center of the Art District you can also search directly for the term Wynwood Walls on Google Maps.

Can you park your car there?

We were very surprised when we arrived in the neighborhood. There are many possibilities here to park his car on the street. For this you only need an app called PaybyPhone in which you enter your credit card and the respective location (by number) and you have already paid for parking. On the street parking costs in Wynwood 3.25 USD per hour, if one parks on closed off areas it can become relatively fast very expensive so costs one hour in a designated parking area up to 10 USD.

Is it worth a visit to Wynwood?

We ended up in Wynwood more or less by accident – because there was a technology store here that was recommended to us but when we arrived after a somewhat long drive from Miami Beach (about 30 minutes) in the neighborhood we immediately fell in love with the colorful corner of Miami.
Wynwood has its own character that is really unique. It is a neighborhood where there is poverty (which is not hidden), high-end boutiques have found their place and expensive places offer quality food. These things happen within a beautiful and colorful backdrop that screams loudly in your ear “Go take a walk and check out our Wynwood!“. And a walk in the Design District in Miami is worth it. You’ll find some small work of art every few feet that beautifies the sidewalk or wall, or at least brings a smile to the face of visitors.

Genius colors!
Martina and a wall
One of numerous graffiti on the sidewalk!

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